How to Get Cheap Flights to Europe

While it can be easy to score cheap tickets and affordable hotel rooms during off-season, it
can be a little difficult to do so if you want to go to Europe especially during the summer
when your kids are out of school or if you want to enjoy the dreamy beaches of Italy.
However, it can still be possible for you to get cheap flights to Europe during the summer.
And even if you don”t even have a good strategy on how to get discounted fares, the higher
competition has led to decreased ticket prices especially for low-cost carriers such as WOW
Air, Norwegian, and LaudaMotion. But to make sure you get the lowest possible fares, here
are some of the tips you can follow:


1. Don’t be picky about your schedule.

It can still be cheaper to travel during the summer especially if you travel at the edges. You
should consider booking a flight at the beginning of the season or at the end of summer. Try
going for flights in the first week of June (or even earlier) or near the end of August when
the summer hype is just about to die down. May and August are typically the cheapest
months to travel to Europe during the summer season.

2. Buy your tickets in advance.

You have to be ahead of everyone else if you want to travel to Europe during the summer.
As prices would usually increase to their peak during June, you must reserve your tickets
ahead of time. The best time to book your flight is usually at least three weeks before your
scheduled departure.

3. Take advantage of the Prime Booking Window.

The best time to travel during the summer months, according to a recent study by
CheapAir, is 47 days before your scheduled date of departure. However, it is still best
to watch fares as early as more than five months before your flight. That is when the
cheapest international tickets are usually found.

4. Don’t go for the most popular places.

It is best to fly into airports that don’t get a lot of hype and popularity. While you may have
to spend a few extra dollars and time to travel to your final destination, you can save more
money this way. A trip to Paris and Rome can wait so long as you get to go to Europe for
nearly half the price by booking flights to less popular places such as Prague and Edinburgh.
Avoid flying during the weekends.
Try being flexible in your flight schedule. Avoid the weekends and try going for cheaper
flights during the weekdays. It is less popular to travel during the weekdays and tickets
would tend to be cheaper because carriers would want to fill the extra seats.