Haunted Places in India

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If there is life, there is death too; and if there is death, it is believed that there is life after that too. India is huge, and it has many mysteries attached to it. The country beholds numerous stories and secrets of palaces, forts, kings and treasures. Those who died in pain with unfulfilled wishes are believed to stay on earth even after death.

The world of the paranormal or the supernatural, for example, has always attracted us time and again. We are always inquisitive to find out about life after death. It is said that India has many abandoned places, where there have been supernatural experiences and instances. Surprisingly, such places include not only forts, palaces and cemeteries, but also hospitals, libraries, colleges, hotels, courts, tunnels and metro stations. Here, we will talk about some of the haunted places in India.

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Around 20 km from Jaisalmer, Kuldhara is a deserted village in Rajasthan that has been lying abandoned since 1800s. It is believed to be abandoned by its inhabitants out of fear of a state minister who wanted to marry the daughter of the chieftain. Before leaving, they cursed the village that no one would ever inhabit the land, and the curse stands true even today. Those who tried to stay here in the night reported strange paranormal activities in their surroundings. When you reach the village, you will be gripped with a sense of eeriness and silence. The deserted homes still lie in the condition they were at that time. At present, the Archaeological Survey of India maintains the village as a heritage site. Best way to reach here is to take a taxi or cab from Jaisalmer.

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

Mukesh Mills was a textile mill established in 1870s by the East India Company. In 1980, the mill went through a fire breakout after which it was permanently shut down by the authorities. The mill is still standing in its burnt state and looks very spooky. Due to this, it serves as a shooting location for many Bollywood movies. One actress is even reported to be possessed by a ghost during shooting. Suddenly, she started talking in masculine voice and ordered the crew members to leave the place immediately. Some actors and directors even refuse to work here due to paranormal activities being reported here. The mill is located in Colaba, Mumbai, and can be easily accessed by road if you are in Mumbai.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

This is a beach situated near Surat. Known for black sand and the mystical activities reported here, it is a beach that only brave hearts dare to explore. Some people who go there report of hearing strange whispering sounds. Some have even said that a whisper warned them not to cross a certain line while strolling on the beach. Some people have also disappeared from here mysteriously and were never found again. Long ago, this beach was used as a burial ground for Hindus, and it is believed to be the resting place for many souls in pain. You can take a taxi or cab from Surat to reach this beach.

National Library, Kolkata

Apart from the huge collection of different kinds of books, this library is also known for its paranormal activities and ghost stories. Oldest and largest library in India by volume, this place is huge and was earlier home of the former Lt. Governor of Bengal. It is believed that footsteps of the wife of the Governor can be heard at nights. Another story claims that during renovation, 12 laborers died at the site in an accident and their souls are wandering at the place. There is one more story that claims that the soul of a Bengali student who could not complete his research visits the library sometimes to study the books. Whatever the story is, the place definitely has a mystic feel to it. Recently, a hidden chamber has been found in the building, which does not have any windows or doors. Speculations are being made for finding skeletons and treasures in the chamber. The library is situated in Belvedere Estate, near Alipore Zoo, and you can easily reach there by road if you are in Kolkata.

Karkardooma Court, Delhi

Karkardooma Court is a district court situated in Delhi. Several lawyers working in the court have reported supernatural activities in the court complex. In 2012, CCTV cameras installed in the court recorded some unexpected and creepy happenings taking place at the dead of night. In the video clip, you can see doors opening and shutting, files getting plucked off the drawers, lights blinking, computer monitors turning on by themselves and chairs moving around with no humans around. A hazy figure also appears on the walls but no solid body can be seen. Located near Shahdara, you can easily reach the court by car or metro.

Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad

Located off the Khairatabad flyover, this abandoned building was a science college earlier. When the building fell, it was deserted by the college; but the corpses lying in the biology laboratories were not properly disposed of. So, people passing by the building at nights report to have sighted skeletons, strange noises and sparks in the place. A guard appointed here also died suddenly, adding to the spookiness of the building.

Tunnel No. 33, Shimla

This tunnel is the longest one on Shimla-Kalka railway line. There is a story that Captain Barog who could not construct the tunnel properly was fired from his job. He went into depression and shot himself in the tunnel. It is believed that his depressed soul still haunts the place, but most locales claim that it does not scare or harm anyone, and it is a friendly soul for all.

In this article, we are not trying to create rumors about any place. However, it is worth mentioning that science has not been able to explain such activities. If spooky attracts you, visit some of these places and see if you experience the same or not.

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