Haunted Houses in India

Life and death are the two realities of life and in-between the two exist a mysterious space that forces one to think about ghosts and spirits. Some of the most real and mystical stories are from the haunted lands of India. The ghost stories in India are famous worldwide, and the country has a number of scariest places to explore. India is a land of mysteries and the countless haunted sites and houses add to its enigma. There are endless spine-chilling accounts from locals that make you wonder about the reality of ghosts and if you might get a chance to see one!

Well, if you are interested to see or experience the presence of ghosts and spirits in India, then consider visiting some of the haunted houses and mansions in India that are spooky and have scary stories around them. Explore India and its haunted sites to feel the mystical energy that surrounds these places in India. Nobody dares to visit these abandoned places at night and the experience here is sure to scare the hell out of you.

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Here are some of the most haunted houses in India.

The Ghost Town of Bhangarh

The ghost town of Bhangarh located in Rajasthan is indeed one of the most haunted sites of India. And if you are visiting India just for the purpose of enjoying that uncanny feeling, then you must make a visit to this ghostly town that lures visitors from near and far. Even with those strict warnings about the spooky town, the determined visitors gather the courage to make frequent trips to this ghost town. There are warning signs from the Archaeological Society of India that ban the tourists from visiting the fort after sunset.

D’Souza Chawl in Mumbai

D’Souza Chawl in Mahim, Mumbai is also one of the most haunted places in India. The residents around the chawl claim that they have seen the ghost of a woman hanging around the well. The story behind it is that a woman fell in the boundary-less well and died there crying for help. Since then, the chawl is said to be haunted with her soul who is known as ‘the lady of the well.’ However, the woman is only seen during the late evening and vanishes before the sun rises. Travellers looking for ghostly experiences must include the D’Souza Chawl in their list of haunted houses in India.

GP Block in Meerut

Another notorious site for witnessing haunting spirits and paranormal activities is the GP Block in Meerut. Although the structure lies in a well-populated zone, people who pass the site claim to have seen many strange things. The building is known for its numerous ghosts, and many claim to have seen four men playing cards or a girl coming out in a red dress. However, these people disappear suddenly, and no one has a clue who they are or where they live. Today, it is well established that these individuals are indeed ghosts. GP Block in Meerut indeed is popular among those interested in paranormal activities and ghosts.

Dumas Beach in Gujarat

Dumas Beach in Gujarat is famous for its mystical activities and puzzling incidents that have taken place here. Situated along the Arabian Sea in Gujarat, it is believed that many locals and tourists have lost their life here as they explored the mysterious beauty of the beach with black sands. There are countless reports of people disappearing here and unexplainable mystical activities like whispers being heard. The beach is also believed to be the resting site of many distressed souls. Those who are determined to have a first-hand experience of the paranormal activity, then this is the place to be at!

Raj Kiran Hotel in Maharashtra

The haunted hotel is located in Lonavala, and the guests here talk about their bed sheets being pulled while sleeping in a particular room. The hotel is indeed one of the top sites among the haunted locations in India. If you enjoy getting scared, then you must stay in this particular room of the hotel and enjoy the whole experience. Many people even claim to have woken up in the middle of the night and seen blue light at their feet.

Dow Hill in Kurseong

Dow Hill situated in Darjeeling is considered to be one of the most haunted and abandoned places in India. The Dow Hill is notorious for its unnatural activities and ghost sightings. The Boarding School for Girls is surrounded by a forest, which is considered to be haunted. There are stories of people sighting a headless boy in the forest, and there are stories about many murders in the forest area too. You must visit the abandoned site which is a centre for supernatural activities and lures visitors from near and far.

Agrasen ki Baoli in New Delhi

When you explore the Agrasen ki Baoli, you will have a feeling of always being watched and followed while you are there. The ancient step well is located right in the centre of Delhi near Connaught Place. So, you must visit the site if you are looking for a spooky and terrifying experience. No one knows who built this step well, but the site is now under the protection of ASI, and it is looked upon to be an exceptional historical specimen. This is definitely something you must visit!

The Vrindavan Society in Mumbai

Located in Thane, the Vrindavan Society is well-known for its paranormal activities. Although it is one of the most popular housing societies, it boasts of many stories from its residents and guards who have experienced ghostly activities in the premises. There are plenty of strange incidents like the night guards getting slapped by someone or literally pushed out of their chair. There are reports of suicide taking place in this society as well, and the ghost of that man is said to be behind all those ghostly activities that continue to haunt those who live here.

If you are interested in experiencing the supernatural, then visit any of these haunted houses in India. Even if you do not encounter a ghost, you will at least feel intimidated due to the mystery attached to these places. However, for safety reasons, most of these places remain closed at nights and you should plan your visit accordingly.

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