Hassle-free flying from Bangalore to Chennai!

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While hopping on a Bangalore to Chennai flight, there is a lot to buckle in for. Chennai has absorbed all the diverse cultures inside it and has made it its own. Tiny and large, there are temples, mosques and churches scattered all about Chennai in tiny road ends to massive amphitheatre-sized halls.

The painful heat aside, Chennai is one of the more interesting coastal cities in South India and its beaches and South Indian food is a must for every Indian to explore. Whether you are there for the art villages or the endless number of beaches, the next time you jump into a Bangalore to Chennai flight, there are some tips and tricks you can try for a more hassle-free experience.

The Mise En Place

Should you choose the window seat to fall into a meditative trance as you watch the clouds wisp by? Should you choose a seat near the emergency exit if you have a case of bad nerves? How about your luggage? What would you do, if you’d done this a hundred times over, and you had to give your past self-advice on how to finally have a flight that was comfortable, easy and hassle-free?

Planning and preparation is the key to all the most important things in life. This is one of them.

Timing is everything

Make sure to travel at the right time. The place of travel and the season while travelling should be kept in mind. This changes a lot of the plans before the get-go and having a clear flight plan is key to being stress-free. If going during the holiday season, you know what you are in for, and the entire extra trouble you need to endure. You will not have the last minute seat reservation problems if you book the tickets in advance. Find the best balance between getting a good deal and know what you are in for if you get a last minute booking.

Proactive packing

Do you scramble around the last minute to pack everything and find yourself worrying on the walk to the airport if you forgot something critical or not? This last-minute procrastination is unnecessary. All it takes to avoid this is a simple checklist and an ability to muster the strength to pack your belongings before last-minute departure under forced conditions.

Pick out and clean your clothes well beforehand so that you can pack them in, and you do not forget to fold everything neatly such that it looks nice, compact and organized. Haphazardly tossing in stuff makes it difficult to find things when you need them, makes it hard to fit the important stuff, and is overall an inefficient way to store things. Check out a YouTube video on how to pack your luggage and fold things and you will notice a legitimate difference in the number of things you can finally pack into a single carry on.

Hack the baggage limits

Find out the baggage limit and weigh your bags before turning up at the airport. Be smart and realistic. Toss on your heaviest jackets and snuggle yourself into a cocoon during the flight. The warmth and comfort of your own clothing wrapped around you will remind you of home and make it easier to doze off during the flight.

Be a master of your environment

Pop on your eye masks and earplugs so the crying baby on the aisle directly behind you does not keep you stark awake all during the flight and you do not end up at your destination with bloodshot eyes, being grumpy and sleep deprived. You can carry your favourite comfortable travel pillow that is worn in so it snaps snug around your neck.

Seat positioning

There is no easy answer for this one. There is just no simple answer to whether you should choose the middle row, back row or front row in an airplane despite many people coming up with their own complex rationalizations about where to sit. The middle seat offers advantages if you want to pop up your laptop during the flight, or a window seat if you want to watch the clouds wisp by as you fall into a meditative trance thinking about how nice it would be to be on the ground right now.

Contingency plans

If things do not go the way you expected? If your flight was delayed, if trouble drops in your lap mid-way, what then?
Carry copies of important documents, passports, your itinerary, leave some copies behind at home just in case and do not get caught too off-guard if the unexpected happens.

Equipped with essentials

Toothbrush, earphones, earplugs, power bank for your latest cell phone, are the basic essentials in today’s lifestyle. The flight mode is called so for a reason, and many of us would rather jump head first out of a plane window than spend the entire flight without our cell phones, so make sure your phones and chargers are wrapped snugly in your luggage, ready for travel.

Medical necessities

Keep your medications, your sleeping aids, whatever you need on hand with your personal luggage for easy access. It is important to keep the circadian rhythms in check even when travelling on a domestic flight. Take the relaxants you need so that the inconvenience of sleeping vertically doesn’t hurt your travels. Business travellers frequently have to take sleep whenever they can get it, and even with the proper gear, some comfort food can get you off your high and back to sleep.

So what are you waiting for?

For non-stop flights to and from Bangalore to Chennai, there are a lot of competitive choices for you to choose from:

  • AirAsia
  • IndiGo
  • SpiceJet
  • Air India
  • Vistara
  • SriLankan

Prices range from Rs. 1400 to Rs. 30,000 one way. There are 175 flights every single week travelling from Bangalore to Chennai spanning 270 kilometres one way. Prices vary according to the season, and June and July are the cheapest months to travel. So, get going, and happy travelling.