The Graceful Alai Darwaza is a Must-Visit Place While Travelling in Delhi

Alai Darwaz is a gateway that is located in the Qutub Minar complex, Delhi. This place is a treat to eyes. Holding the prestige of being one of the earliest gates in Delhi, Alai Darwaza was built in 1311 AD by Alauddin Khilji. It is the main domed gateway from southern side of the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque and showcases remarkable Indo-Islamic architecture. This glorious building bears exotic and indigenous craftsmanship, making it a significant tourist place in Delhi. The gateway features sharp arches and spearheaded fringes, and it is designed with exquisite marble decorations and latticed stone screens.

How to reach:

By Air: If you’re traveling from a different state or country to Delhi, you can find various airlines that operate flights to Indira Gandhi International Airport. Domestic airlines like IndiGo, Spice Jet and GoAir are suitable options that offer a relaxing experience. From the Delhi airport, tourists can easily board a government cab, or avail an online cab service to Alai Darwaza.

By Train: Nizamuddin Railway Station in Delhi is the nearest station to Alai Darwaza, located 15 km away. You can easily book an online cab or hire an auto from the station to the monument. Further, if you are traveling by metro then Qutub Minar metro station on yellow line is the nearest metro to Alai Darwaza. Tourists can take an auto from the station to reach Alai Darwaza.

By Road: One can find various local buses in Delhi that are available to Alai Darwaza. PVR Nariana, Pebble Street and Al Bake are some of the stops in Delhi from where buses operate to Alai Darwaza. To the delight of travelers, local guided tours to Alai Darwaza are also conducted by Delhi Tourism authority and private operators.

Best time to visit:

You should plan to visit Alai Darwaza in the winter months from October to March as Delhi experiences a pleasant weather during this time. One can also visit the nearby attractions such as Qutub Minar, Alai Minar and Iron Pillar in evening. The humid weather of Delhi, are not suitable for outdoor ventures.

Nearby Hotels:

For a lavish experience, one can book their stay at the following 5-star hotels:

One can also find many budget hotels near Alai Darwaza:

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1. Do tourists have to give any entrance fees for visiting Alai Darwaza?

Yes, Indian tourists are charged a fee of INR 10, whereas foreign tourists are charged an entrance fee of INR 20.

2. What is the opening and closing time for tourists at Alai Darwaza?

For the convenience of tourists, Alai Darwaza stays open from sunrise to sunset.

3. Do the authorities levy any charge for practicing photography at Alai Darwaza?

No, the practice of photography is free of all costs and charges at Alai Darwaza.

4. What is the charge of doing video recording or shooting videos at Alai Darwaza?

The authorities at Alai Darwaza charge a fee of INR 25 to allow tourists to shoot videos.

5. Can tourists find the facility of audio guides at Alai Darwaza?

Yes, to facilitate the visit of tourists so they can understand and know the historical significance of Alai Darwaza, audio guides are easily available.

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