How to get cheap flights to Australia

Australia is one of the best destinations for people seeking adventure because of how large the country is and how it is home to a wide variety of wildlife and sights and sounds. However, if you want to completely enjoy the country, it”s best that you find cheap flights that could help give you financial flexibility in the country. Here are some tips you can follow:

Fly on low seasons
It”s better for you to fly to Australia from the middle of April to the end of June. Not a lot of people fly to Australia during those months because that”s when it”s autumn and winter there. Because demand is lower, prices would also tend to go down.

Book way early
As a general rule, you should always book in advance. If you want to get the best prices for peak periods, book a year ahead. However, you can also opt to sign up for emails and alerts for discounted prices. January is always a good time to hunt for cheap ticket prices to Australia.

Fly into Sydney
Perth and Darwin are nearer ports to western countries. However, the cheapest flights will most likely fly into Sydney though prices among different Australian airports don”t really differ too much. You can also fly into Adelaide if you plan to go to the Great Ocean Road. It”s best for you to consider where you want to travel to. It might be cheaper to travel to one airport but more expensive to go from there to the other parts of Australia.

Buy internal air passes
Since you might be travelling by air several times while in Australia to cut travel times, you should buy air passes. If you are flying from London with Qantas, go for a Walkabout Pass. This allows you to book domestic Australian flights at lower prices. Other carriers also have air passes. Compare prices and see how much you”ll be able to save with one air pass compared to the other.

Fly with low-cost airlines
The cheapest airlines that fly into Australia are China Eastern and China Southern if you are flying from China. And if you are flying from Korea, choose Asiana Airlines and Korean. You can book these flights with your agent. Though some of these flights don”t take the fastest routes, they are nevertheless cheaper than most other international carriers.