Fun and Offbeat Things To Do This Weekend in Your City

Bored of doing the same thing every weekend? There are more options to enjoy off days apart from just watching movies, mall visits, picnics, and long drives. Gear up for the offbeat fun things that one can indulge in around the metro cities of India. Try out a new thing to do in your city and explore the hidden gems and see your city through new lenses!

Read further to know what fun and offbeat things you can do in your city and plan a unique weekend this time!


From Purana Quila, Qutub Minar, India Gate to Humayun’s Tomb and Old Delhi, the city has exuberant architecture and cultural heritage displayed as a remembrance of the rulers of Delhi. A few of the lesser known places in Delhi can be explored for a unique experience.

Khari Baoli Road

Situated near Fatehpuri Masjid, this market is Asia’s largest wholesale spice market and the oldest in business (17th century). The most fascinating factor of this market is that despite being congested its alluring aura calls out to discover the hidden alleys and narrow interiors.

How to get there: Chandni Chowk Metro Station (Yellow Line).

Qawwalis at Nizamuddin Dargah

Attracting Sufi devotees from around the world, the soulful Qawwalis at Nizamuddin Dargah serenade the listeners into a reverie close to the peaceful and rose fragranced surrounding of the Dargah.

How to get there: Indaprastha and Pragati Maidan Metro Station (Blue line)

Mystery Rooms

If you like solving puzzles, riddles, and mysteries, then you’re at the right place! There are various games-solving murders, prison break, and others utilizing your grey matter to enjoy with friends and family.

How to get there: Rajouri Garden (Blue Line) and Connaught Place (Rajiv Chowk, Yellow-Blue line intersection)


The city of dreams has a lot to offer to everyone. The diverse and urban culture of the city has many unconventional things that you can enjoy. Explore some of the most underrated things to do in Mumbai.

Street art of Bandra

As a part of the ‘The Wall Project’, the artists from around the country have brought to life the rustic walls of Bandra in Mumbai city. But that’s not it as the neighbourhood’s rich street art is one of the best experiences that you can have. The most iconic art can be found at Chapel Road.

How to get there: Local train to Bandra.

Midnight cycling trip

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the appealing routes that go deep into the city on a bicycle as the mild breeze follows you and your guide cruises you through the history of the lanes and landmarks.

How to get there: Book tickets online.

Explore Dharavi

Take a tour of the congested lanes of Dharavi-India’s largest slum. It’s not a tour to view the poverty but how people live and celebrate life amidst adversity.

How to get there: Book tickets online.


The city of joy has various places for you to experience the breathtaking and enriching history of literature and culture. Get deep in the city and discover the hidden places in Kolkata.


Kolkata’s potter colony is where artists sculpture the idols of goddess Durga. Witness how with basic tools and no extravagant studios these artists create beauty.

How to get there: Nearest metro station is Sovabazar Metro. You can either book walks online or go exploring solo.

Breakfast in Chinatown

An early morning outing with friends at ‘Mini China’ of Kolkata is a perfect getaway plan. Starting from hot soup to mouth-watering momos, you’ll get everything here!

How to get there: Cab, taxi or bus to Chinatown.

Park Street Cemetery

Get an insight into the city’s history at the largest 19th century Christian cemetery. Find the graves of the British elites of the bygone era enjoy the green surrounding and the escape from the city noise.

How to get there: Park Street metro station.


With many places to discover around the city, know what more you can experience in this attractive destination and locate the unexplored parts of Chennai.

De Monte Colony

Get some horror thrill here at De Monte Colony which is an intriguing local attraction. The lore of the place is interesting and has stories of strange occurrence and ghost sightings!

How to get there: Cab towards St. Mary’s Road.

Sports activities at Marina Beach

Watch the sunset and go down the horizon while you enjoy the beach-side snacks. Also, take part in the various water sports activities on the beach as well.

How to get there: Train, bus, or a cab to the Beach.

Freeing India

It is a perfect place for friends to hang around and try something different from the ordinary outings. Indulge in various mind and situation games to blow your mind.

How to get there: The two branches are accessible cabs.


The quaint and wholesome ambiance of the city where the Father of the Nation lived, Ahmadabad has more to give you. Know what unknown places in and other things you can discover in Ahmadabad.

Revolving Restaurant

Patang Restaurant is a unique restaurant that revolves and gives the diners an amazing experience and view of the city. Reserve your table and get a great culinary experience.

How to get there: Cab or auto to Ashram Road.

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Drive-in movie night

Take your car out and head towards the drive-in open-air cinema. Get away at the theatre complex to experience the lively ambiance under the stars.

How to get there: Sunset Drive-in Cinema. Book tickets online.

Heritage Walks

Go for walks touring the city’s cultural and ethnic beauty and witness the rich heritage here. Various walks at different times of the day will connect you deep with the diversity of Ahmadabad.

How to get there: Check out the different routes online and book the walks.

Every city has hidden treasures, you just need to keep your eyes open to witness the gems of your city!

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