Fun indoor activities for Children in Bengaluru

The monsoons are just around the corner, which means, your kids are going to stay indoors a whole lot more. Don’t panic, here’s a comprehensive list of indoor activities to keep your children busy while it pours outside.
So sit back and enjoy Bengaluru’s lush greenery this rainy season as your little ones indulge in these fun activities.

1. Window Painting

Window painting is a great way to ensure your kids don’t get paint on the walls! Redirect them to the glass windows of your home and have them paint their favorite cartoon character or the beautiful Bengaluru scenery. Make learning fun by making them paint the alphabet or numerical tables! Whatever you do, you know you’re going to have a room with a view at the end of it!

2. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Not only are indoor treasure hunts fun but they also make sure that your children are busy for hours on end (of course, a lot of this depends on how tough you make the chase!). Make them follow a clue trail to find a treasure at the end that teaches them a moral or chore. This activity gets even better when planned on your kids’ play date. The sheer thrill they’ll derive while playing little Sherlock Holmes will be a sight to behold.

3. Puppet Making

Puppet making using easy-to-find home items and clean, recyclable waste will not only keep your kids busy, but will fuel his/her creativity too. Have them recreate historical figures or their favorite cartoon characters and indulge in a little storytelling. Add a twist to this by making them use their craft skills to make puppets resembling members of the family! Have your kids sign up for these craft classes on the Cleartrip app to make sure your puppets look more and more professional with every session.

4. Best Out of Waste

Making items out of waste teaches your kids two important things—one, the importance of reuse-reduce-recycle and two, that some of the most beautiful things can be made from things found right at home! Create a whole new world of aliens, or a magical carousal or whatever else ignites your child’s imagination with scrap items from home, without the hassle of stepping out to go shopping!

5. Indoor Camp

When the weather outside keeps you from sitting around a bonfire, camp indoors! You may even use special sound effects and lighting to make your children feel like they’re right in the middle of a forest. Treat them to marshmallows in hot cocoa and baby burgers. Screening The Jungle Book movie could set the mood just right. And, when it’s time to say good night, sing them a nice lullaby as you dim the camp lights!

6. Bowling at Home

Since little kids aren’t allowed to bowl in public alleys, set one up for them right at home. Use plastic bottles as pins and a small rubber ball to bowl with. The best part is that the children don’t need to go out so they won’t get dirty. But an even better reason to play this game is that you can rest assured that your favorite vase or cutlery won’t break into pieces!

7. Indoor Hopscotch

Hopscotch has been a favorite with children across generations. The fun of it doesn’t diminish by playing it indoors either. In fact, tumbling over carpeted floors makes sure your kids don’t get hurt. A true test of balance and a whole lot of jumping will make sure your children have a gala time throughout.

8. Karaoke

Hone your child’s singing talent with some in-house karaoke. Set up the machine and have them sing their favorite songs and nursery rhymes. What’s more, thrill your kids when you join them for a duet performance amidstcheers from your family. Christen it Bengaluru Idol and have a cool prize distribution at the end, too!

9. Decorate your Room

Making kids decorate their own room makes a lot of sense because it is where they spend most of their waking (and sleeping) hours. And good news for you—it keeps them busy for a long time. So, go on and let your little boy make his own private pirate island or your girl build her Frozen Elsa castle.

10. Indoor Rock Climbing

Obviously you are going to be petrified to let your kid do this on an actual cliff or by the side of a mountain, hence, indoor rock climbing makes for a safe and entertaining physical activity. Not only is it exciting for the child, but it is also a great form of exercise—which will result in a long nap afterwards, and some much-needed downtime for you. Sign up for rock climbing sessions in Bengaluru on the Cleartrip app.

For days when the weather plays spoilt sport, opt for any one of theseactivities for an amazing time with the kids. Having children at home with nothing to do is a parent’s worst nightmare, but we’re sure that by following these steps, it’ll be smooth-sailing!