Fly with Airblue for a Great Experience

Founded in 2003, Airblue is now one of the most popular domestic and international airlines based in Pakistan. This airline is the biggest competitor of Pakistan’s national flag carrier PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) and other leading private operators. Following the huge success in the domestic aviation sector, Airblue started operating international flight service in 2005. Before that, it operated domestic flights only.

Today, Airblue helps thousands of passengers to travel to different overseas destinations in the countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Turkey, UK and more. The airline is known for its world-class facilities and it ensures a great experience for its passengers. Let us talk more about how Airblue can provide you with a memorable flying experience.

Easy Reservation

Being one of the most reputable domestic air carriers in Pakistan, Airblue allows its passengers to enjoy a hassle-free reservation process. Its official website comes with all the options a passenger needs for an easy reservation process. Just visit the website and click on the reservation to find all the options you need. However, if you want to further save your money by availing special discounts and offers on flight bookings, you can move ahead to browse through the available options at Cleartrip. Here, you can choose options like destinations, mode of the trip, travel date, number of travelers and many other options that can make your traveling experience simply amazing. Cleartrip helps travelers to find the best price and other travelling options.

Generous Baggage Allowance

Your baggage limit can vary based on different factors like the origin and destination of your flight, and the type of booking you have made. In general, the airlineallows one bag per passenger with a maximum weight of 30 kg as checked-baggage. If you are planning to carry additional baggage, you will have to pay extra for this. However, passengers who have come through connective international flights from destinations like the USA and Canada can carry two bags weighing 30 kgs each. A passenger can carry one bag weighing a maximum of 7 kg as carry-on baggage as well.


When it comes to comfort during the flight, you can compare your experience in Airblue flight with any other leading airline in the industry. Airblue flights offer a world-class traveling experience to its passengers. Each of its planes come with ample leg space and satisfactory in-flight services. If you are thinking about seat comfort and the qualities of other facilities like lavatories, you will find everything in excellent condition. If you are looking for smooth boarding and excellent in-flight facilities, prefer Airblue flights.

Airblue On-Board Facilities

All Airblue aircrafts come with the 3-by-3 layout and there is no business class option available at the moment. This means that the airline books its tickets in only one class. The staff and crew of Airblue flights are very friendly and helpful, and they always take care of their passengers.

Once you get into the flight, you can feel relaxed and comfortable in nice comfy seats. The in-flight crew will take care of everything. Airblue offers the best food experience in the air with some healthy meals and drinks. Complimentary beverages like tea and coffee are also available for passengers.

Their world-class onboard facilities will ensure that your journey will be the smoothest. All the seats are designed to provide ultimate comfort to the travelers. You can read newspapers, publications or in-flight magazines as well.

Special Assistance

Airblue also makes sure that their passengers who need special assistance can also enjoy a hassle-free journey with them. The airline allows one infant per adult passenger. A passenger with an infant can carry a handbag on-board to meet all the necessities of the infant. Airblue provides special assistance to passengers with disabilities as well. The passenger needs to inform the authority at least 48 hours before the flight schedule.

Flight Service on Popular Travel Routes

Airblue provides flight services between six domestic destinations including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan and Sialkot. Apart from this, passengers can use the airline to travel to a number of overseas destinations as well in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and more.

Airblue has made it easy for the passengers to book tickets online and enjoy a hassle-free traveling experience. Airblue was the first airline service provider in Pakistan to offer online ticket booking service and self-check-in facility. The airline serves millions of passengers every year by providing flight service to some of the busiest routes in Pakistan and Middle-Eastern countries. Islamabad-Dubai, Dubai-Lahore, Sharjah-Lahore, Lahore-Jeddah, Abu Dhabi- Peshawar, Peshawar-Dubai and Karachi-Dubai are some of the most popular routes covered by Airblue.

Passengers can easily access information about the flight, timing, check-in, baggage allowance, ticket cancelation, modification, refund and other information by visiting the official website of Airblue. You can also visit to check out the best ticket price to secure the best deal on your travel. Cleartrip also allows you to modify or cancel your booking or track your refund status right on your mobile device.

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Why You Should Opt for Airblue

Airblue is one of the leading airlines in Pakistan, and it operates a number of flights between several domestic and overseas destinations. From online ticket booking to web-check in facility, the air carrier has made everything easy and convenient for its fliers.

Whether it is off-flight or in-flight service, Airblue can compete with any other leading airline in Pakistan. Their staff and crew members are very helpful, and they will always be there to take care of your comfort and other services including in-flight meals.

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These are some of the factors that encourage travelers to opt for Airblue Airline. The airline is quite popular in the region for offering budget-friendly airfare for domestic and international flights to and from Pakistan. Get the best deal on your Airblue flight ticket on Cleartrip.

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