Festivals in June in India

India is a country with rich culture and heritage, and you can easily get a glimpse from its festivals. People from many different religions live in India peacefully and they celebrate their festivals together with pomp and show. These festivals narrate legendary tales of the rich historical past and mythology. The month of June needs a special mention because schools and colleges remain closed during this month, and it is clad with a number of festivals for enjoyment and celebrations. This is a guide for someone who desires to explore festivals in June in India.

June 2019 festivals in India

1. Ramadan

The Ramadan, also popularly called the holy Muslim month, is a great opportunity for you to gorge on unique and varied street food. During this time, the Muslims fast for several days from sunrise till the sun set. The fast continues and ends when Ramadan ends with Eid-ul-Fitr festival, which is a step further ahead to amazing food and shopping splurges.

When: 5th May to 4th June 2019 (May vary according to calendar)
Where: Primarily in Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi and Mumbai.

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2. Shimla Summer Festival

The annual summer festival in Shimla is held in the first week of June. This festival is being held in Shimla since the 1960s. During this time, the place gears up to bid adieu to the Indian summers. Thus it makes the place a delight for the tourists. The people of Shimla make a whole hearted effort to showcase their local culture in every element of the festival. Musical performances, fashion, food, shopping, handicraft sales, sports events, and flower exhibitions are some of the attractions of the Shimla Summer festival. To enjoy this festive season book your hotel in shimla.

When: June first week
Where: The complete Ridge road stretch in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

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3. Kottiyoor Utsavam

This 28 days Kotiyoor festival from Kerala is held in two primary temples – The Ikkare Kottiyoor and the Akkare Kottiyoor. These temples are situated on the opposite sides of the Bhavali River shrouded by green dense forest. These temples are open all round the year. The festival has no formal structure. The deity, a swayambhoo lingam, which is a self created idol of Lord Shiva, is placed on the ground, which is created by stone heaps called manithara. The first day hosts the Neyyattam ritual and the last day hosts the Thirukalasattu ritual. It is one of the most spectacular festivals in India, and it attracts a large number of devotees and spectators from across the country.

When: 17th May to 13th June 2019
Where: Kannur district, Kerala.

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4. Dharamshala Film Festival

Dharamshala is a beautiful town that sits in midst of stunning hills of Himachal Pradesh. This film festival is about the celebration of uniqueness and creativity of Indian Cinema and its vast culture. As the temperature begins to soar up in June, their Film Festival acts as an interesting escapade for anyone who loves art and cinema. This year the Dharamshala Film Festival will celebrate women empowerment by showcasing movies that are relevant to the theme. This is a 3-day film festival, which integrates efforts of independent movies and an appreciation for good work and creativity. For a comfortable vacation book a Hotel in Dharamshala and get instant confirmation.

When: 11th June to 13th June 2019
Where: Dharamshala, India

5. Saga Dawa of the North east of India

The Saga Dawa festival of North east in India is held during the lunar month of Tibet when full moon is seen. In Buddhism, Saga Dawa holds special significance. Especially in the Tibetan and the Mahayana Buddhism followers in Sikkim and Darjeeling, varied decorations and rituals are held in the monasteries. This is the full moon day; which represents the birth, enlightenment and the demise of Gautam Buddha. Monks light up butter lamps as a remembrance of Buddha. The butter lamps are believed to be acting as a guiding light for the devotees who feel lost in their way. One of the top monasteries in Sikkim, the Tsuklakhang monastery is the starting point of the Saga Dawa festival processions. The grand processions are led by monks who walk and chant prayers all along the way.

When: 17th June 2019
Where: Sikkim and Darjeeling

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6. Rath Yatra, Orissa

Rath Yatra of Puri in Orissa is the most renowned and awaited Hindu festivals held in June. Jagannath temple is one of the four “Chardham” pilgrimages in the country of India. The Hindu deity from the Jagannath temple – Lord Jagannath and his two siblings, Subhadra and Balabhandra, are carried on a chariot. The procession initiates at the Jagannath temple and ends in the Gundicha temple. All along the route of the processions, saints, devotees and tourists gather together to sing, chant, pray and capture the moment by praising the Lord.

When: June or July, the dates vary
Where: Puri, Orissa

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7. Feast of St Peter and Paul

This is one of the most pompous festivals held in Goa during June. Moreover, this one is celebrated specially for blessing the newlyweds. Husbands get drunk in this festival by consuming “feni”, Goa’s local alcohol and jump in wells for impressing their wives who are adorned in beautiful gowns and floral tiaras on their heads. The surreal atmosphere of the festival is further glorified if it rains during the ceremonies. It often does rain during this time in June in Goa. The festival makes special mention of music and mouth watering foods. It is a quirky celebration of the coastal state of Goa, which makes it a favourite destination for couples.

When: 29th June
Where: Siolim in Goa

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8. Hemis festival

The grandeur of the city of Ladakh is worth seeing throughout the June month due to the festivals and celebrations held during this time. The Hemis festival held here in June is a religious affair. The big Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh predominantly hold this festival every year. In this festival, lamas and the local community play masquerades and perform as artists. Indigenous folk music along with the extravagant dance rituals during day as well as night makes the festival delightful. Tourists are left spell bound by the nice blend of spirituality and festivity.

When: 26th to 27th June 2019
Where: Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh

Witnessing or celebrating the above-discussed festivals of India will give you a glimpse of the country’s culture and add to your excitement. Your holiday needs special planning if you are interested to explore the rich culture of the country.