Famous food in Pondicherry you must Have

If you are a foodie, you must visit Pondicherry! Be it South Indian cuisine or if you are a fan of Italian cuisine or can’t live without French desserts, you will find them all here, in the list of Pondicherry famous food items. Whether you are here on a vacation or a business trip, you can browse Cleartrip and look for some of the hotels in Pondicherry where you can stay. Pondicherry has plenty of accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. Some of the popular hotels include names like Ocean Spray Pondicherry, Anandha Inn Pondicherry, The Promenade Pondicherry, Le Royal Park Pondicherry and Hotel Atithi Pondicherry.

Pondicherry- Famous Food and Cuisine

The food and cuisine of Pondicherry are strongly influenced by French and Tamil cuisines. You can see this in the exciting blend of the cuisine of the neighbouring states like Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Most people here prefer having fresh croissants and freshly baked baguettes for breakfast along with a cup of coffee. This is where the French legacy steps in. The locals enjoy South-Indian delicacies such as sambar vada, idli and masala dosa, which are all-time favourites.

One can enjoy these at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Other Indian origin delicacies include tandoori aloo (oven-roasted potato), coconut curry, curried vegetables, podanlangkai, assad, kadugu yerra, palpayasam and stuffed cabbage. If in Pondicherry, it is the Kadugu Yerra is a must-try. This is an incredible curry of prawns cooked in a tomato sauce with potatoes, fenugreek, vinegar and mustard paste.

Famous food of Pondicherry also includes curried vegetables, which is popular among vegetarians and is simply delicious. What is unique about the cuisine of Pondicherry is that the various local delicacies are usually made with very little oil and are, therefore, light on the stomach and easy to digest.

Pondicherry Famous Street Food

Street food is always a big hit with local residents as well as tourists. Eating on the streets is one of the best ways to mix with the locals and understand the culture of a place. Explore the culinary delights of the city on the streets and do not shy away from food stalls, as the food is fresh and hygienic. Pondicherry locals rely a lot on the vast number of food carts or ‘thalluvandis’ as they are known. Other famous food items here are:

• Sandwiches

Vegetable Sandwiches are a big hit here, and there are no limitations as to what all can go between the slices of bread. ‘Dhool’ along the beach road is famous for its vegetable sandwiches and is always packed with customers. Be there on time, or you will have a long wait ahead of you.

• Delicious Samosas

It is hard to keep away from the crispy fried treat which is a hot favourite all over the country. Try out the regular potato samosas as well as the famous mutton samosa. There are many roadside food vendors opposite the railway station that sell those meaty morsels on their carts.

• Mutton Rolls

Meat lovers must try out the Mutton Rolls sold on Mission Street. It is a popular snack in Pondicherry. These spicy non-veg rolls filled with spiced mutton and rolled into a hot paratha before serving are a treat for the senses and taste buds.

• Pani Puri

Just like samosa, Pani Puri is sold on the streets all over the country. Enjoy this famous chaat at Lal Bahadur Shastri Street. You will love the various veg fillings and the tangy chilled water filled in the crispy puris. Just join the crowds where you see the maximum rush.

• Bondas on Mission Street

This is another snack Pondicherry is famous for. These bondas sold on Mission Street are a favourite with local residents as well as tourists. The vegetarian filling is coated in a chickpea batter and fried before serving with sweet and spicy chutneys.

• Crab Masala Fry

For the sizeable fish-eating community of Pondicherry, Crab Masala Fry sold on the Rangapillai Road is a must-eat. Crab masala fry is a favourite seafood delight, which is enjoyed by locals as well as the travellers. One can enjoy it at any time on the streets, and it is absolutely delicious. Do not forget to ask for tongs and a napkin, as it can be messy to eat the crab fry.

• Masala Puri

If you are on Lenin Street, do try the Masala Puri, which is a Pondicherry-style chaat. It is hard to resist the mix of puri, lentils and chickpeas cooked in spicy gravy and served with crispy puris. It is a great way to start your morning breakfast. Visit early in the morning or evening for these masala puris.

• Khow Suey

Khowsuey is also known as Kaukswe. It is a popular Burmese dish. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of this dish, served with noodles. This is another delicacy sold on the popular Mission Street. You can ask for any kind of garnishing for your khowsuey like fresh herbs or crispy noodles. It is a must to try out this delightful medley of flavours at a little street cart in Pondicherry.

Not just the beautiful sights, the lovely culture, the beautiful beaches, but it is also the food and the cuisine of Pondicherry that make it famous. Influenced by the French and Tamilian cuisines, the food of Pondicherry has a unique identity and taste of its own. Do visit Pondicherry and let its cuisine tickle your taste buds.