Enjoy Exploring Varanasi: The City of Divinity

Endowed with divinity and spiritualism, Varanasi perhaps exhibits the true spirit of India, its culture, and ethnicity in the most serene and holy form. If you want to delve deeper into the true colours of Indian culture, philosophy, and religious sanctity of Hinduism, exploring Varanasi- the city of divinity would be a good idea. The hotels in Varanasi remain flooded with travellers not only during festive seasons but throughout the year as travellers and pilgrims from across the world also visit Varanasi all year round to take a dip in the Ganges to attain salvation. After the evening aarti or prayer, the city sparkles with millions of diyas floating on the holy river Ganga.

The City of Divinity

Varanasi is known as the city of divinity, not only because it happens to be the holy abode of Hindu Gods and deities and of course the holy River Ganges, but also because it is drenched with the vitality of the cycle of life and death. River Ganges, the holy River of Salvation, is widely believed to be the path to ultimate Moksha. Therefore, this pious city is considered ideal to complete the journey of life and travel to the next life through death. The continuous chants of Gods and millions of lights transform this city into a serene and spiritually enlightened destination, which depicts the cosmic scenario of life and death, divinity and spirituality, holy faith, and wraths of life.

What to Explore in Varanasi

Varanasi has a lot to offer travellers only if they know how to explore this mystically divine city. The true spiritual essence of the city lies in its lifestyle, ghats, markets, festivities, and most importantly, temples, around which the hotels in Varanasi have flourished. There are many budget hotels as well as upscale accommodations like Hotel Grapevine Varanasi; moreover, the city offers all types of stay options.

Here are some of the things to do in Varanasi:

Tales of Temples in Varanasi

Every nook and corner of the city is bedecked with temples, and therefore while you take a stroll in the city, you will hardly be disconnected from the holy chants and prayers. It is advisable to book your accommodation at Hotel Surya Varanasi to stay in touch with the city attractions. However, there are some temples, which have distinct mythological and historical importance. Let’s look at the Top 7 spiritual destinations in India that promise an uplifting experience. Some of the most popular temples in Varanasi you must visit include:

• Durga Mandir

An embodiment of the 18th-century architecture, Durga Mandir carries a mystical hue with its existence. The statue of the deity here is believed to have been carved by the Goddess Durga herself. The entire temple is coloured in red, which represents the colour of the deity. The visitors can also have a view of Durga Kund, the holy water tank, inside the temple premises. Durga Mandir receives hundreds and thousands of visitors during special occasions like Nag Panchami and Navratri.

• Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Varanasi, which was previously known as Kashi, is quintessentially linked with the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. This temple was built by Queen Ahilyabai Holker of Indore in 1780, and today it is a popular attraction of Varanasi and is known as the Golden Temple of the city. This is the holy abode of one among the 12 Jyotirlings of Lord Shiva or Lord Vishwanath. The golden domes of the temple are covered with gold donated by the Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

• Bharat Mata Mandir

This is one of the most important tourist spots in the city. Affordable hotels like Hotel Varuna Varanasi are quite close by and also, they would help you to book a city tour, which includes all the prominent temples in the city. Located inside the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith premises, this unique temple is dedicated to Mother India unlike any other temple, as most are dedicated to Gods or Goddesses.

• Annapurna Devi Mandir

Situated near the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Annapurna Devi Mandir is dedicated to Annapurna Devi, the goddess of food and is considered as a temple of special importance. There are many hotels which have sprouted around this temple like Hotel Plaza Inn Varanasi. This temple is always crowded with devotees who come here bare foot to offer their prayers to the Goddess.

• Sankata Devi Mandir

Another prominent temple in the city, Sankata Devi Mandir, is the holy seat of Sankata Devi, who is also known as the Goddess of Remedy. In order to visit this temple situated near the Sindhiya Ghat in Varanasi conveniently, you can stay at some of the nearby hotels, or you can stay at a luxury stay like Hotel Vaibhav Varanasi at Patel Nagar and visit the temple using a local transport.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Varanasi is from October to March. Avoiding the rainy season would be better, as it becomes difficult to take bath in Ganges during this time. However, if you are planning a visit during festivals like Govardhan Pooja, Ramlila, Ganga Dusshera, or Durga Puja, it is best to book your Varanasi hotel in advance. Hotel Plaza Inn Varanasi near Railway Station offers the best industry standard amenities and facilities.

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To sum it up, exploring Varanasi, the city of divinity, would be fun if you have an idea about the whereabouts of the city. For a luxurious stay, you can check hotels listed with Cleartrip.