Explore Challenging Mountain Peaks and Nature’s Raw Beauty on A Trekking Trip to Goecha La Trek

A trekking campaign is an adventurous way to cover the best miles on foot. On top of it, a chance to discover nature’s magnificence and vastness alongside adds charm to the expedition. And, one such exhilarating experience is promised by a trekking trip to Goecha La Trek. From Mount Kanchenjunga to Mount Pandim, the Three Sisters and the mighty Mount Everest, Goecha La Trek boasts of the most challenging peaks that any adventure enthusiast would love to explore.

Goecha La Trek
Duration: 11-12 Days
Trekking Distance: 90 km
Goecha La Trek Height: 4940 meters

Grade Moderate to Challenging

Situated in the Indian state of Sikkim, Goecha La is a high mountain pass which nestles in the Himalayan range. Striking a fine balance between the natural beauty of flora and fauna, Goecha La is an ideal spot for trekking. It not only satiates the thirst for adventure but also complement the journey with beautiful nature marvels that are worth noticing. Monasteries, stupas, temples and wildlife sanctuaries constitute a journey coupled with a lot of enriching experiences. Even witnessing the majestic beauty of the world”s third highest mountain called Mt. Kanchenjunga here is an enchanting spectacle.

The trekking expedition to Goecha La begins from Yuksom and goes through Dzongri, Phedang, Thangsing to arrive at Goechala transport. Lush green environment, dense forests, ancient bridges of Pha Khola, the Mentogang Khola River and Tshushay Khola waterfalls on the way from Yuksom to Sachen are worth-discovering. Here, travelers can surrender into the tranquility of the place and enjoy some time in introspection. As you reach River Perk, the path will become steeper. However, the majestic views of Mt. Pandim and Mount Kanchenjunga at Tshoka revive all the energy lost during the trail. The central part of the journey would be to travel from Tshoka to Phedang and Phedang to Dzongri. To walk alongside the path surrounded by the Rhododendron trees is a beautiful experience. Muddy patches and steep slopes make it little difficult to trek here but another look with courage and determination turns the journey worthwhile. Also, do not forget to enjoy a plethora of photographic opportunities and create a warm corner of memories. After all, a sense of accomplishment needs to be celebrated for years.

Here are some of the highlights that make it absolutely necessary to plan a trekking trip to Goecha La Trek:

  • A trekking expedition to Goecha La initiates from a prominent destination in Sikkim, Yuksom town. It is a place which is known for its rich historical significance and cultural importance. Here, trekkers can not only experience nature’s beauty at its best but can cast a quick glance on the traditional culture of Sikkim.
  • Capturing the sight of snow-covered peaks of Kanchenjunga, green landscapes and beautiful meadows make Goecha La Trek more popular among tourists.
  • Astounding views offered by Mount Pandim, Rotang and Kabru on the Goecha La Trek have never failed to cast an enchanting spell on the visitors and forces them to visit and re-visit this destination.
  • Explore nature’s paradise Bakhim while trekking. It is a place which is enveloped in the dense forests of magnolia, rhododendron, orchids and ferns and offers beautiful scenic views of the valleys, hills and the Prekchu River.
  • Being comprised of several inspiring destinations and wonders of nature, there is no better option than a trekking trip to Goecha La to experience a whiff of thrill amidst picturesque beauty of nature.

Best time to visit:

April, May, June, September and October are considered to be the best months to hit Goecha La’s hiking trails. Goecha La Trek must be avoided due to heavy snow during the winter season. Also, the temperature during the summer season is pleasant as it stays between 15 and 22 degree Celsius.

How to reach:

By Air: The nearest airport to reach Sikkhim is Bagdogra Airport. From here, travelers can take a cab to arrive at Yuksom, the first destination to start trekking to Goecha La.
By Rail: The nearest railway station to reach Sikkim is New Jalpaiguri Junction in West Bengal.


1. What are the must-carry essentials on Goecha La Trek?

Walking stick, woolen clothes, hiking shoes, trekking pole, moisturizer, water bottle, electric torch, compass and medical kit are some of the must-carry essentials on Goecha La Trek.

2. Is it important to have experience for Goecha La Trek?

Yes, Goecha La Trek is a degree higher than a moderate trek and requires prior experience of trekking on high altitude.

3. Is Monsoon season suitable for a trekking trip to Goecha La?

Owing to landslides, slippery and muddy roads, monsoon season is not suitable for a trekking trip to Goecha La.

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