Experience the Best Of Goa This Summer

Although summers are not the best time to visit Goa; yet if you visit Goa during this time, you will find a large number of tourists. This is because, there are several perks of visiting this beautiful Indian state in off-season. You will get cheaper accommodation and food, and also there won’t be a huge rush everywhere on the beaches and in the markets. So, with the right company, you can certainly experience the best of Goa in summers as well. So, planning a trip to Goa in summers is definitely going to be worth it!

Super-Duper economical!

One of the best reasons why one needs to visit Goa this summer is that it will be Super Economical during this time. Everything around here in summer is darn cheap! Right from flight tickets to hotel booking, if you can pre-plan the course of your itinerary, this journey will not burn a hole in your pocket. And for the money you are going to save, you can blow that on partying or even try your luck on gambling!

Romantic and blissful evening with partner:

Summer breeze covering the beaches is perfect for creating a blissful mood. It is time for you and your partner to visit beaches in Goa and enjoy the beautiful sunset! Thinking about it will give you chills! Even if you are planning to take your partner on a candle light dinner, away from prying eyes, then some secluded beach in Goa is just perfect. Remember to visit South Goa that is not restricted to beaches but there are other places too that one must explore for the party lovers, North Goa is the perfect place to be.

Pay cheaper prices for things you buy!

Goa is also famous for its coconut cultivation and the sap of toddy palms used to make Goan famous liquor known as Feni. It is of two types, cashew Feni and coconut Feni. During the peak season, such products are no doubt costly. But when it is summer time, you are supposed to pay cheaper price for this. Not only food products, but you can easily splurge into your handicraft market too! The amazing craftsmanship of Goa can be well-determined through the handicraft products, covering the street side markets. If you want to take a souvenir with you, buy some during your trip in Goa at discounted price this summer!

Party Like a Rock Star on a limited Budget!

As you can save a lot of money on your bookings and hotel deals when planning a trip to Goa in summer, you can use that on partying hard. North Goa is especially for party lovers. There are shacks that are well-known for parties with blasting music to dance all night long! Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, and Calangute Beache are some famous ones for night parties. As summer is considered off season, therefore; the party planners ensure to host new party nights every day for unlimited fun. Just put on your light breezy outfit, take your beer and you are off to a great start to the evening!

Good food in Goa restaurants at cheaper prices:

Goa houses some of the best and most promising seafood restaurants, especially North Goa. These places are known to have enough seafood specialties, which will satiate your taste buds! To go with it, beer and other alcoholic beverages are also available at these restaurants. Apart from these restaurants located at the side of the streets, there are some portable shacks on the beaches too. So, if you want to taste the finest sea food or other type of food close to the sea, these shacks are the one to try!

Time to get high on adrenaline:

Summer months are perfect for the water sports. You should not miss that while on a trip to Goa. Whether you are with your friends or with family, these adventurous water sports are a must to enjoy true Goa. As the weather is pleasant during summer months, therefore; you do not have to miss any of the fun at all. Whether you want to experience parasailing or water skiing, wind surfing or jet skiing, Goa has a lot to offer. If that’s not all, you have scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphin spotting and what not! The water is calm and the sunny weather makes this visit even more memorable for all!

More fun in Goa during summers:

With comparatively less crowd, you can enjoy a lot in Goa during summer months! To avoid the claustrophobic Goa environment during peak season, visit during summer. This is going to be an experience, which you will never forget! So, pack your bags, call your travelling partner & book flight to Goa today!