Discover the Best Places to Visit in Melbourne

Melbourne, a city with many secrets is a beautiful cosmopolitan capital city of Victoria, located in Australia. It has long been commented that Melbourne is the most European city in Australia. It has often been said that its leafy eastern section of Collins is like Paris and also that this city has a New York flavour as well with a neatly-ordered grid and high rises. It has got about 230 laneways running across the heart of the city blocks and where you can find the true heart of the city with some lovely restaurants, bars and amazing street art.

If you want to experience Melbourne at its best, it is better to experience it as a local. It has many diverse neighbourhoods. You can find its ethnic communities settled in this area and exhibiting their culture and traditions. As soon as you enter Melbourne, you will discover that people are fascinated with sports and are crazy for football, cricket, horse racing, tennis and formula one racing. It is considered a crucial part of the social fabric of Australian society.

Melbourne has some beautiful sights to offer, which are a must visit when you are here. Take a look.

Royal Botanical Garden:

  • The royal botanical garden is a mesmerising sight with a glorious display of colours and plant species.
  • It is spread around an area of 94 acres attracting an audience of over 1.5 million annually. Also, it is one of the most serene examples of landscaping one can find.
  • Endemic Australian flora along with a range of selected species can be found here. The visitor centre acts as a departure point for tours and the National Herbarium has got over a million dried specimens.

National Gallery of Victoria International:

  • This is a beautiful museum in Melbourne housed in a vast, magnificent and bunker-like building boasting an expansive collection that has artefacts from the ancient period. It is one of the oldest and the most-visited museums in Australia.
  • It attracts a large number of crowds and holds some amazing exhibitions with a free 45-minute highlight package daily and an hour-long tour on mid-days.


  • How can one not discuss the Melbourne Cricket Ground when discussing the famous sights of Melbourne? This is a must-visit for any cricket fan.
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground has a humungous capacity of 100,000 people at one time. This cricket stadium is known worldwide as one of the best sporting venues.
  • It is a historic ground that has witnessed some of the greatest cricket matches ever and was even the venue for the first test match between England and Australia back in 1877.

Melbourne Zoo:

  • If you are a nature enthusiast, then surely this is the place to go to. It was established in 1861 and is the world’s third oldest zoo.
  • It recently became the world’s first carbon neutral zoo and is one of the most popular attractions with many animal species and rich fauna.

Camberwell Sunday Market:

  • Being a weekly market, it is undoubtedly Melbourne’s biggest marketplace with over 370 stalls in total. It is very popular amongst local residents as well as tourists.
  • You can just find anything and everything here, from a delicate string of vintage pearls to hardware and furniture.

Williamstown Beach:

  • It is known by locals as Willy Beach and is a relatively small beauty spot situated just a stone’s throw distance from the city.
  • Popular with swimmers, sailors and sunbathers, it offers some spectacular views into historic Williamstown. It is also a popular place for many to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It’s just a five-minute walk from the nearest rail station of Gem Pier.

Bar Liberty:

  • Melbourne has a very active and exciting bar scene. Bar Liberty is a very popular wine bar in Melbourne and is frequented by locals and tourists for its pleasant vibe.
  • It has its own unique style and has a superlative elegance about it. Everything from a soda, wine, cider or cocktails or whisky has been curated carefully and the experience is hard to forget.

Brown Alley:

  • If you’re in Melbourne over a weekend, then you can take a peek into its exciting nightlife. Melbourne has the best nightclubs and party places, the likes of which you may have never seen before.
  • Listen to hardcore techno, deep house, dancehall, R&B base and electronic music. These are just the highlights of this 24-hour super club. It is often the venue for festivals and after-parties after big events. Do try and visit it when in Melbourne.

This is just a glimpse into the wonders of Melbourne. You have many such locations like the Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition Building and some amazing restaurants.

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