Best tips to know for travellers from Bangkok Airport

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Bangkok is a perfect destination which should be in the must-visit list of almost everyone in India. This is the place where one can relax, shop, experience the sea, indulge in food, explore the places and there are many more things to experience as the list is endless.

Reading down from here will give you some really good insights of what to do, how to proceed, what to explore from the Bangkok airport. So, the moment you reach Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, here is all that you need to know:

1. Walking out into the airport:

Suvarnabhumi Airport is a large airport and one of the busiest airports. Walking into the airport can be a little daunting owing to a large number of travellers travelling in and from Bangkok. One must expect long walks in the airport and a queue for baggage collection.

2. Fast track immigration:

If you dread the long queues at the immigration and long queues can actually spoil your travel mood, then you must know this. Fast track immigration services can be availed as a first class or a business traveller by shelling out some money at the counter. Needless to say, it is free to first class travellers but for an economy class traveller it is worth the price. You can also cash your accumulated miles to avail this benefit.

3. Baggage Claim:

Baggage claim can be a little longer than you expect to owe to the occupancy of the airport. Despite having many conveyor belts, it can take a long time to catch hold of your baggage, so you have to be prepared for it.

4. Customs:

If you don’t have anything to declare, then you can pass through the green channel at the customs point.

5. Arrival Terminal:

The terminal sets you free to explore the Bangkok city. If you wish to wait there only, then you can climb up to the upper ground floor to wait while filling in your tummy with some delectable food options.

6. Local Currency:

The local currency of Thailand is Baht. If you are not carrying it from your own country, you can simply withdraw it from the ATMs at the airport. There will be a nominal deduction of $6 on the exchange. Also, you must get the big note currency exchanged to small currency value which will be helpful for you to spend at local street shopping, taxi or even tuktuk.

7. Transfers from the airport:

Once you plan to exit the arrival terminal, transfers from the airport can be booked to Bangkok city or Pattaya or to your hotel. There are many pre-paid and post-paid cab services available to facilitate that. One can also book this in advance online through various websites. You could also use the high-speed airport to Bangkok express which will drop you right in the middle of the city in only 20 minutes. The metro train comes every 10 minutes and is functional between 7am to 10pm. The tickets are available at nominal costs and can be purchased from the station only.

8. Luggage Storage:

If you are waiting for long hours at the airport and you want to be free, then do approach the luggage storage section on the second floor at the airport. The cost of utilizing the service is 100 baht per item per day.

9. Phone sim:

Though the roaming plans have become really cheap and affordable these days, still if you want to go in for a local number so you can get the local sim for a limited period and value. There are multiple networks in Thailand that offer some week long plans with unlimited data and calls. It can be procured by giving an ID proof preferable passport copy and it gets activated immediately.

10. Thai language:

English not being the primary language in Thailand is rarely understood and spoken in Bangkok, therefore basic Thai language and few common words should be spoken and understood. Here are a few words which you should learn while planning your Bangkok trip:

  1. Hello as Sawatdee (Sa-What-Dee)
  2. Wai to greet (way)
  3. Goodbye as LarKorn (La-Gone)
  4. Thank you as KhawbKhun (cop coon)
  5. Do you speak English as PhuutPhasaaAng grit daaimai (Pootpasa on grit dei mi)
  6. Cheers as Chok Dee
  7. Chiang is city
  8. Farang is tourist, black tourist as Black Farang

11. Food options at the airport:

There are many options for food at the airport. You may find it a little overpriced but why to mind spending on food. The best place to reach out is at level 1 near gate no. 8. You will find many options there.

12. Luxury Shopping at the airport:

You can shop luxurious at level 4 at concourse D. Popular designer brands have their stores set up there.

13. Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotels:

There are many good hotels where you can check in for a few hours. They provide you beds and rooms on an hourly rate. For luxury, better experience and longer stays, there are higher end hotels you can choose from.. Airports have shuttle services to the nearby hotels for the convenience of travellers.

14. The famous TukTuk of Bangkok:

The TukTuk ride is the most famous ride in Bangkok. TukTuk is traditional three-wheeler scooter which is one of the most famous means of public transportation in Bangkok. The price of tuktuk ride starts from 15 baht. The trick for tourists is to negotiate the price by 5 – 10 Baht.

15. Map of Thailand:

Keeping a map of Bangkok with you would serve as your permanent guide roaming around the city. Right from shopping arcades to mall, hotels, movie theatres, restaurants, metro routes, etc., map for a tourist will be the best thing to have.

16. The best area to stay in Bangkok:

Owing to the size of the city, it is better to stay in the area which provides better connectivity across the city. So, hotels near BTS or MRT Station should be targeted. A few of the happening places in Bangkok are Siam, Sukhumvit, Silom, Chinatown, the Old City, Rivertown, Chatuchak, Pratunam etc.

From India, the most convenient, busy and cheapest flight route from Bangalore to Bangkok. Almost every international and domestic airline provides flights to this sector and the prices are also reasonable. The distance for this journey is less than 4 hours.

Bangkok has been consecutively tagged as the world’s best city for many years now. It has a lot of so much to experience. The best time to visit Bangkok is between November and February. It attracts a lot of tourists during New Year time. It is among the cities which have the highest tourist traffic around the year.