Best Places to Shop at Mumbai Airport

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Layover shopping gives us all the reasons to understand how you feel when all the flights are on time, but the connecting flights aren’t! Those long hours are complete boredom, until you know the right places near the airport where you can get the best of the lot for yourself, friends and family (especially if they’re NRIs). If that increases your heartbeats and quickens your breathing, you’re just at the right place. Here are the top places to shop at Mumbai airport :

Poparazzi, Terminal 2 - Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Layover shopping is entirely subjective to your availability of time. If you're looking for some quick trinkets and souvenirs to shop for your NRI family, you can buy them right at the Mumbai airport in Terminal 2 at Poparazzi. This place is best for eye-catching and super cuddly trinkets with an Indian touch to it. If you are taking it for love personalized and quirky desi household items, you are in for a treat here. And, the best thing about shopping from the airport is all purchases are duty-free.

Kimaya, Terminal 2 - Chhatrapati Shivaji International Terminal

If you forget to bring in some desi and classy outfit for your beautiful niece in the USA, you can make it up for her by getting a chic, designer jumpsuit with a splash of Indian colours and threads from Kimaya. This designer boutique houses some of the very best collections of Indo-Western outfits that could be a lifesaving gift from you to your loved ones away from India, especially if they miss their motherland.

And, if you can sneak in some extra time before your next connector flight arrives, you might need to check these places out.

Phoenix Mall, Kurla-Ghatkopar Border

If you're looking for some branded merch, you would need to step out of the airport and catch some sunlight en-route to the Phoenix Mall at Ghatkopar which houses most of the international bestselling brands. From Diesel, Calvin Klein to Swarovski, you could easily find all the merch you could have asked for at one place within just 7 kilometres radius.

Street Shopping at MG Road

Do you like to go street-hopping and finding out the best deals available right from the streets? We must say there are some hidden gems on the roads left to be found. You can find perfect kurtas, leggings, jeans, sarees, t-shirts, purses, utensils, kids wear, plastic items, 3-4 good & reasonable footwear shops, including regal, bed sheets, towels, napkins, curtains and jewellers shops. Shopping from such places would bring back nostalgia to you and keep a long smile on the face of your foreign family. While the shopping at MG Road might make you exhausted, but you don't need to skip your lunch. Bharat Cafe, which is located just a few kilometres away from the shopping street, is a busy and great place to fill in some great food.

Indian Gourmet, Terminal 2, Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport

Do you have friends or relatives who share the same old love for a boiling cup of chai? We bet they would love a fabulous bouquet of India’s most beautiful tea from various parts of the nation known for its originality. While this gifting idea falls under a fancy design, but if you’re willing to give it a try, then find yourself gaping at the rich collection of the Indian Gourmet at the terminal 2. If a personalized gourmet collection of best tea-leaves across the nation works out as a gift, we are sure your friends and relatives would remember this homecoming of yours more than you can for the rest of your lives.

Travellers, who are wondering to keep their luggage safely for detours and shopping sprees, can easily store the bags in T1 (Arrival halls in 1A and 1B) and T2 (between 2B and 2C). The rates are reasonable where it can be stored safely for up to 90 days.

Please note that if you have had to layover for the night at Mumbai, you can easily book accommodations near the airport for some sleep-ins and to avoid last minute rushes for your flight and check-in right on time at the airport.

These are some places that you should know to make sure you never get bored at the airport and instead enjoy your shopping splurge the next time any of your Chennai to Mumbai flights are running on time, but the connectors aren’t.

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