Best International Cities to Visit for Vegetarian Indians

If you are a vegetarian planning an international holiday, your biggest concern will be food as not all international cities serve you pure vegetarian food. If you are planning to travel abroad, it is better to plan your vacation to a place where you know the food will not be an issue and you will get vegetarian food easily. Vegetarianism and vegan foods have become quite popular in recent years due to people wanting to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a list of some cities around the world where you will be able to find vegetarian food easily.

1. Portland:

This is a beautiful city located in Oregon. It is a green city famous for the healthy lifestyle that people living here follow. The world’s only all-vegan strip mall is situated here, making it very easy for you to get vegetarian food. There are a few well-known restaurants, cafes and bakeries that serve delicious vegetarian dishes. The Black Sheep Bakery, Old Wives Tales, and Blossoming Lotus are a few places where you can enjoy delicious vegetarian food.

2. Berlin:

Most people know of Berlin, the capital city of Germany, as a city popular for its beer and non-vegetarian food options. Very few people are aware that Berlin has gained a reputation for being one of the finest vegan cities in the world. People are moving towards a healthy lifestyle and have started enjoying and appreciating a vegan and vegetarian diet. If you are planning to travel to Berlin, you need not worry about food. You will get many vegetarian options there. One of the best places to visit for vegetarian food in Berlin is Kopps where you can enjoy some delicious vegetarian fare.

3. Vicenza:

Vicenza is a beautiful city in Italy. Italy seems to have become synonymous with pizzas and delicious pastas. However, there is more to Vicenza than just that. This city can serve you with an amazing range of mouth-watering vegetarian cuisine. So, if you are a vegetarian planning to visit Italy, Vicenza is a place you must visit. Around 2 kilometres from the city, you can visit Albaspina Organic Farm. It is a rural farm where you can taste various vegetarian dishes.

4. Taipei:

This is the capital city of Taiwan where you can get tasty vegetarian food. The only thing you need to do is learn to interpret the various symbols they use to classify their food, and you can easily find a classic vegan restaurant in Taipei. Taipei has a number of vegetarian food options. You can enjoy vegetarian street food, or you can also eat at big vegetarian restaurants there. A visit to Shilin Night Market will be great to enjoy tempting street food. There are many chains started by vegetarian and vegan food lovers like Loving Hut and Easy House. You are sure to get a number of vegetarian food options here.

5. New York City:

There are a few restaurants in New York that serve both veg and non-veg food. At the same time, the city has as many as 150 restaurants that cater exclusively to vegetarians and vegans. In fact, New York is one place where you will get a number of vegetarian food options, so you can plan a holiday to this city without any hesitation. You can enjoy dining at Big Apple, Dirt candy and Angelica Kitchen and taste some of the best vegetarian dishes in New York.

6. Chiang Mai:

This is a city in Thailand with a massive Buddhist population. This is the reason why the city has as many as 80 vegan eateries. Chiang Mai is undoubtedly a delight for vegetarians. The restaurants here are well-known for serving you dishes with organic ingredients. Pun Pun is a vegetarian restaurant, which has two outlets in Chiang Mai. It is an organic restaurant that serves fresh food by following the ‘farm to food’ concept.

7. Glasgow:

This beautiful city is situated in Scotland and is recognised as the most vegetarian-friendly city in the United Kingdom, by PETA. If you are vegetarian, and you are planning to visit Glasgow, you can do so without worrying about the food. There are some incredible restaurants that serve delicious vegetarian food in the city. One of them is Mono city Bar. Although it is famous for the tempting beer, you can enjoy tasty vegetarian food while enjoying live music and band performances. Don’t forget to taste Mono’s Vietnamese Salad, Bean Burritos and Porcini Risotto.

8. London:

The capital city of England is quite a haven for vegetarians. The city has witnessed the opening of various vegan restaurants in the past few years and has taken vegan dining to new levels. Whenever you visit London, you must visit Coach and Horses in order to taste some delicious vegan food.

9. Vancouver:

Vancouver is located in British Columbia. People of the city are increasingly becoming inclined turning towards a vegetarian diet for improving their health and for moral and philosophical reasons. This is the reason why many eateries serving only vegetarian food have recently emerged in the city. Some of these eateries are Hen of the Woods and The Acorn. Enjoy some delicious vegetarian food in these restaurants when you are visiting this city.

10. San Francisco:

San Francisco is a very popular city in California, attracting loads of tourists. It is the first city that has adopted the concept of Meatless Mondays. The city also organises the World Vegetarian Festival every year. If you are a die-hard vegan/vegetarian food lover, you must visit this festival at least once in your life to enjoy the tastiest vegetarian dishes from all across the globe. There are a large number of restaurants that serve high-quality vegetarian food. Greens, Madre, and Ananda Fuara are some of those restaurants. You can enjoy dining there when you are in San Francisco.

Vegetarianism and veganism are gradually becoming very popular all over the world because of the health benefits associated with them. Even for moral and religious reasons, many people are giving up eating non-vegetarian food. Hence, getting vegetarian food is becoming quite easy in many cities worldwide. The cities mentioned above have many options for those who are vegetarian and you will not have to worry when planning an international holiday.