Best hotels on Greek islands

Greece’s islands have been the stuff of vacation-legend for several decades. To ensure that your hotel stay matches the island experience, we’ve compiled this list

The Finikas Hotel

Located in the picturesque Agali Bay, amidst the island’s stunning cedars-and-dunes topography, this 23-room hotel is just right for a Greek holiday. With sufficient beach-front real estate for seclusion, and the soft palette of cream and lavender in each room, the panoramic views of the sea are memorable. The larger suites have their own terrace and dining room. The restaurant provides local delights, and you can dine al fresco at the water’s edge.

Rimondi Estate

There’s a reason why white works so well with the Aegean blue, and this hotel has captured that undeniable Greek essence. Above all, this hotel offers light and space, with fragrant poolside gardens and the perennial breeze. Floor-to-ceiling windows, white curtains, and cool porcelain-white bathrooms blend perfectly with the countryside and the sparkling blue-tiled pool at the center of the hotel.

The Astarte

Simple elegance is the key here, with just nine suites offering stunning views, and cosily secluded without the sense of being cut off. A steep staircase leads guests down the hillside from the road to their individual locations, all with views of the stunning Santorini volcano and the caldera. Each suite is simple, airy, and well-appointed with essentials like a Jacuzzi. The view from the infinity pool hammers home why infinity pools were invented in the first place!

The Kivotos Hotel

This boutique hotel in Mykonos was meant to be a family villa, and has a homely touch. It blends traditional architecture with original art quite harmoniously. All the suites are decorated with objets d’art, and modern-art collections abound all through the hotel. Each year, fresh and original 17th-, 18th- and 21st-century pieces are carefully chosen, giving the effect of the past blending harmoniously with the present.

The Elounda Peninsula

This is more a collection of breezy multi-room suites that boast breathtaking views of the sea. The least-priced rooms feature private sundecks and heated saltwater pools; the next level up, they have their own garden and easy access to the beach. If you stay in the Peninsula Palace Suite, you will be provided your own sailboat. Taste the hotel’s wine collection at the Jetty Bar, perched right at the water’s edge. And then there is The Six Senses Spa!