5 best eco-friendly hotels near Delhi Airport

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American author Helen Keller once said, “To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcoming than the most expensive Persian rug.” Just like her, there are several people on Earth who wish the planet was greener. Thanks to the eco-friendly hotels in Delhi, you can now feel close to nature for as long as you stay there. This is because of their lush green gardens, waste management systems and so on. Thus, the next time you take a Bangalore to Delhi flight either for work or leisure, do look out for these eco-friendly hotels near Delhi Airport.

1. Uppal’s Orchid

Uppal’s Orchid is located very close to the international and domestic terminals of Delhi Airport. It is the first ever environment-friendly certified hotel in Delhi, boasts of 48 comfortable rooms, including Royal, Deluxe and Premium Suites. The best part about this eco-friendly hotel is that you get views of lush green gardens from every balcony. You can soak in the magic of nature and unwind yourself with a dose of pleasure and tranquility.

2. The Suryaa Hotel

The Suryaa Hotel is just 30 mins away from Delhi airport. Business centers such as Noida, Trade Fair Ground and Okhla are close too. Moreover, it is near Lajpat Nagar and Connaught Place, in case you want to quickly indulge in a mini shopping spree at these famous market locations. It is an ideal eco-friendly hotel which offers tastefully designed rooms, a variety of multi-cuisine restaurants, conference and fitness facilities.

3. The ITC Maurya

The ITC Maurya is one of the most sought-after luxury hotels, which is located at Diplomatic Enclave in New Delhi. The environment-friendly practices adopted by this hotel have given it global recognition. It strives to conserve energy with practices like water management system and computer-based building management system. It has 440 beautiful furnished rooms and 29 suites designed to provide utmost comfort to you. If you are visiting ITC Maurya, don’t forget to have a scrumptious meal at ‘Bukhara’ – a restaurant known for its mouth-watering North Indian delicacies.

4. Hotel Cabana

The Cabana Hotel is located at a distance of 45 minutes from Delhi airport. It features well-designed rooms with beautiful lush landscapes in the surroundings to ensure that you have a relaxed and tranquil stay. It also has proper waste management systems in place. This is to ensure that there is no wastage of resources. This eco-friendly hotel flaunts beautiful plantations in its surroundings. If you are travelling for business purposes, this hotel is ideal for you as it provides round the clock operational front desk, power back up and conference rooms.

5. The Park

The Park Hotel is around 15 km from the domestic terminal and sits pretty on Connaught Place. It has always been very cautious about its style and status. Being eco-friendly, this hotel focuses on the use of organic food. It also practices rainwater harvesting. Moreover, it makes use of solar power and a unique VFD system to maintain water pressure. This goes a long way in avoiding the wastage of water. Aiming to live in a cleaner and greener world, this hotel makes use of biodegradable bags. This eco-friendly hotel has also received LEED Gold certification for its successful application of sustainable design mechanisms.

The grass may or may not be greener on the other side, but definitely, it is greener in and around these environmental-friendly hotels near Delhi airport. So, the next time you take the Bangalore to Delhi flight, don’t forget to stop at one of these hotels and enjoy the goodness of nature.

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