9 Activities to Relive Royalty in India

While journeying through India, travelers unveil a flamboyant new facet at every step. The country”s brilliant diversity never ceases to fascinate travelers and explorers. Delving into the splendid legends of its past, too, unfailingly strikes us with awe.
The absorbing descriptions of the luxurious lives and heroic battles of Indian emperors will have you yearning for a glimpse of this royal tradition. With Cleartrip by your side, you get a chance to relive it in this day and age, too.
Here are 9 such activities across India that will take you through the many eras of Indian royalty.

1. Champaner Pavagadh Archeological Park in Ahmedabad

Tucked away in the quaint Gota locale of Ahmedabad, the Champaner Pavagadh Archeological Park transports you back to the medieval era. Adorned with magnificent ruins of centuries-old forts, palaces, mosques and temples it tells the compelling tales of its many mighty conquerors and rulers. Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site for a glimpse of its dramatic past.

2. Get the Royal Treatment at Neemrana Fort Palace

A colossal fortress perched regally atop the Aravalli range, the Neemrana Fort Palace is not a sight to be easily forgotten. Captivating from the very first glance, the palace conceals a treasure-trove of luxury within. This exquisite structure is indeed a fitting witness to the opulent lifestyle of its great creators, the Chauhan Rajputs. Enjoy spell-binding aerial views of this splendid castle by signing up for this unique zip-lining tour with Cleartrip.

3. Trail the Tales of History in Kochi

The port city of Kochi, attracting traders from across the world since ancient times, is nothing short of a marvelous blend of cultures. But perhaps the most fascinating among these are the trails of the majestic kingdom of Cochin. The authority may have been vanquished, but the royal family lives on, and so do countless majestic mementoes of the bygone era. Visit the age-old palaces and get awed by the timeless art and architecture of the Cochin dynasty with this brilliant tour.

4. Walk with the Mughals in New Delhi

The Mughal Empire and its epic reign spanning more than 3 centuries is truly a symbol of India’s royal splendor. With visionary rulers like Emperors Humayun, Akbar and Shah Jahan, the Mughal glory lives on, not only in its cultural essence but also through the formidable monuments spread across the empire’s erstwhile stronghold, which we know today as New Delhi. Experience its grandeur as you walk around the city gazing at the architectural marvels such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, and Humayun’s Tomb among others.

5. Heritage Walking Tour of Mysore

Cherishing its traditions and imperial bequest, Mysore shares a delightful relation with its revered and beloved rulers, the Wodeyars. As the royal descendents continue to call this majestic city their stately abode, the cityscape is studded with many grand creations of its erstwhile Dewans and Maharajas. This heritage walking tour from Cleartrip allows you to admire many such brilliant structures including the Mysore Palace and the Town Hall.

6. Nizam’s Way Night Tour in Hyderabad

Very few places may compare with the matchless splendor and opulence of the City of Nizams. But Hyderabad’s imperial aura is elevated a notch higher as the city is cloaked in darkness. Take to the streets at night to witness the memorable spectacle of treasured monuments courtesy of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. Get awed by the Golconda Fort, Charminar, and Mecca Masjid, emitting regal radiance amidst colorful artificial lights.

7. Explore City of Nawabs in Lucknow

Not many cities come close to the convivial politesse or ‘tehzeeb’ instilled in the City of Nawabs by its cultured, noble rulers. But the stately etiquettes are certainly not the only legacy the Nawabs have left in Lucknow. Strolling about, you come across exquisite historic structures that lend the city a majestic aura. Explore these grand monuments including the splendid Rumi Gate and Bhool Bhulaiya, to the Bada Imambara and Chota Imambara, with this exceptional city tour.

8. Seek the ‘Tiger’, Tipu Sultan, in Bengaluru

Kings may often command the respect of their subjects and allies, but to inspire the same sentiments in one’s foes is a commendable feat. But then, Tipu Sultan, often known as the ‘Tiger of Mysore’, was certainly no ordinary ruler. Trace the rise to power of this valorous Sultan with an exciting tour to the Devanahalli Fort, where his heroic tale began. While in the city, also pay a visit to the elegant Summer Palace, a marvel in teak wood.

9. Unfold the Regal Legends in Gwalior

Gwalior enthralls you with just one glimpse of its formidable heritage of elegant, imperial structures. The culture, art, and, above all, the mesmerizing architecture, are all tokens of the Scindia dynasty. No doubt, these illustrious Scindia (Shinde) Maratha rulers are credited with the glory of the Gwalior Princely State. View the wonderful royal creations such as the Gwalior Fort, often known as the Gibraltar of India; the Jai Vilas Palace; and Telika Mandir as you tour the city.

With each of these marvelous activities, you discover a unique jewel of India’s royal tradition. Download the Cleartrip app and book an activity today.