7 Ways Indigo Airlines Woo Travellers

With different airlines offering similar products, the Indian airline industry has become extremely competitive in the recent times. Most airlines are trying various creative ideas to attract customer attention. Some of the ways through which airlines woo their customers are through social media, advertising methods, loyalty programs and by offering enticing perks to travellers.

Despite rivalry in the airline industry, India’s largest airline by market share, IndiGo has been consistently finding innovative ways to soar about the rest. IndiGo started its operations in the year 2006, but has managed to become the market leader in just a few years from its inception. It is one airline that has been moving aggressively to capture the Indian travel market. High operational reliability and an award-winning service makes it one of the most preferred and reliable airlines in the world.

IndiGo airlines with a market share of 39.8% as of April 2018, attracts customers majorly by offering low fares, being on-time and by delivering a courteous and hassle-free travel experience.

Here are 7 ways by which India’s largest and low-cost airlines, IndiGo woos its travellers.

1.Social Media

IndiGo airlines connects with its customers through social media and offers updates on sales and promotions along with giving a fun glance on what goes on behind-the-scenes. They use creative advertising strategies to develop the brand and connect with the customers. It also frequently shares updates on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that the airlines focuses on like Children and Education, Women Empowerment and Environment.

They have been constantly enhancing their engagement with the passengers to augment their travel experience through different social media platforms, especially through Twitter and Facebook. Further, Indigo engages with most of their Twitter mentions and do not restrict to only negative complaints.


Some of the ways IndiGo woos its travellers are by offering convenient check-ins and ticket reservations. IndiGo aims to keep the whole business of flying simple for its customers like for instance it offers simplified pricing on fares which are inclusive of all taxes and other charges.

They offer an easy-to-navigate website which is another great benefit. One of the best features they have is queue busters, which is there in most airports, where if you are carrying only cabin luggage, you need not stand in a check-in queue and these queue busters would quickly print boarding cards from hand-held machines. From online flight booking, call centers and airport counters to online flight status checking and an exclusive IndiGo app for Android, all of these add to the customer’s convenience.

3.Customer Service

Customer service is a vital part of any business, especially the airline industry. IndiGo airline”s biggest edge over others is its focus on customer service. IndiGo management is committed to customer service and satisfaction. Quality and detail to key service makes them apart from their competitors. Airlines offer e-alerts, messages, promos, tips and the most current flight information to its travellers. The customer support team of Indigo is extremely personalized, quick and relevant. Overall the customer service team of Indigo is very professional and responsible to address the issues and respond quickly. This certainly helps build a strong relationship with the customers.


Delays have a long-lasting negative impact for passengers. IndiGo understands the importance of time and emphasis mainly on time performance and relies on minimal flight cancellations.

5.Comfort and Connectivity

Comfort is one of the most important things in the journey and the structure of IndiGo airlines is made in such a way that it meets the needs of all types of passengers. They offer enough legroom space and even have a head rest for extra comfort and support. As for hassle free travel, planes are extremely clean and soothing music played upon boarding is an added feature.
Even the turnaround time of IndiGo flights are extremely efficient. It operates more than 600 daily flights and there are flights connecting 50 destinations, out of 42 are domestic and 8 are international. They have started selling tickets to two additional destinations. Hence, you can now fly Indigo not only on domestic routes but also on international routes.

6.In flight meals

IndiGo airlines offers relishing and mouth-watering meals on board, which are absolutely free of cost. They even have a buy-on board in-flight meal programme. Smartly packaged food and beverages add to a delightful journey experience.

7.Offers, Loyalty programs and Perks

IndiGo airlines provide perks and offers to attract more customers. One of the biggest advantages of flying through IndiGo airlines is that they offer loyalty programs and other perks like free flights, seat upgrades, passes to airport lounges, complimentary Wi-Fi, alcoholic beverages at no charge, discounted parking and more. Through these reward programs, customers feel wanted and enhance their sense of reputation.

Indigo also has an In-Flight Shop from where you can buy various daily use items. IndiGo often comes up with sales and offers to lower the flying cost and to give the best deal possible. Indigo launched two new fare types in the year 2016 to benefit flyers by reducing their airfare cost. Those two types were Lite Fare and Flexible Fare. They have come up with a host of offers in which they provide flight tickets at discounted rates, cashback offers and various other promotional deals on domestic and international flight tickets. Some of the most popular offers run by them are- 1500/-cashback on bookings via Citibank cards,10 percent discount on domestic and international flight tickets on booking done via mobile app and special discounts for senior citizens and students.

Attracting travellers is one of the biggest challenges for any airline company, but once an airlines has established a loyal base of users, the business will surely soar. This is definitely true in the case of IndiGo!

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