7 Popular Shopping Places To Visit In Jaipur

One of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Jaipur has great tourism potential. It is therefore always bustling with enthusiastic tourists from all over the world. It not only gives a glimpse of the Indian history and culture but it is also a shopper’s paradise. So, when you visit this city, make sure you keep some time
aside for shopping apart from sightseeing. With a wide range of jewellery, handicrafts, fabrics, and precious stones available, shopping is too tempting in Jaipur. Remember to use your bargaining skills. Here is a list of the best shopping places to visit in Jaipur.

How to reach Jaipur?

The city is well-connected by roadways, airways and railways to all parts of India. The Jaipur international airport is around 13 km from the city center, and there are flights to and from all major cities of the country. One can also easily reach Jaipur via train and bus as it has well-established transport network to different parts of the country.

Best time to visit

If you are planning a trip to Jaipur for shopping or sightseeing or both, it is better you visit the place during the winter months. This is because you can avoid the scorching summer heat and enjoy the shopping spree.

Best things to buy in Jaipur


In Jaipur, wherever you go, you will find handicraft puppets. These puppets are decorated with bandhej printed clothes and other accessories to bring them to life. Other handicraft items that you can find in Jaipur are items with carvings on wood and marble, lacquer work, blue stoneware, etc.

When it comes to making handicarfts, Batik is the most popular textile dying technique. It is done generally on cotton cloth and bright color combinations are used. Sanganeri and Bagru square prints are also common here, and tourists buy these in large numbers.

Leather products

Jaipur is famous all over the world for its leather industry where exquisite and unique products are made , such as satchels, shoes, handbags, etc. In Jaipur, you will find plenty of designs and styles to choose from.


When it comes to traditional jewelry, Jaipur is the centre of attraction. The city is known for precious stones such as Garnets, Emerald, Topaz, and Rubies. Also, here you will find the best of the royal jewellery with intricate designs. Amongst the various kinds of jewellery work, Meenakari and Kundan are the most popular.

The best shopping destinations in the city

No trip to Jaipur is complete without shopping as it is one of the most attractive shopping and holiday destinations in India. Let us explore the popular Jaipur markets.

1. Johari Bazaar

It is the most established market and reflects the quintessential portrayal of Rajasthan”s Pink City, with the greater part of the shops painted in pink. If you love gems, this is the best place to shop for the same. The market is famous for Jaipuri adornments made of gold, silver, emerald, and other jewels. The jewelry made of Kundan is additionally well known here. There are endless shops offering gold, silver and gemstone jewellery that will mesmerise you. You can also find shops selling sarees and lehengas that are beautifully embellished. For lovely tie-and-dye sarees, you can visit the popular places, such as Jaipur Saree Kendra, Rana Saree Emporium, and Rooplaxmi. Likewise do not miss the Jaipuri quilts, which are hot-selling items at Johari Bazaar.

2. Tripolia Bazaar

If you are in Jaipur then you cannot miss shopping at Tripolia Bazaar, one of the best markets in Jaipur. The bazaar is between Manak Chowk and Chhoti Chaupar. Whether you are here for shopping or strolling around the market , you will never get bored. Maniharonka Rasta is the main attraction of the bazaar, which is famous for precious gems and carpets.

3. Gaurav Tower

Situated in Malviya Nagar, Gaurav Tower is another famous shopping spot in Jaipur. It is a place, which provides shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure experiences to the visitors. The place houses a varied collection of 100 retail showrooms featuring world’s famous brands. If you are looking for shopping and fun at the same time, Gaurav Towers is one of the perfect spots to be. All the shopping outlets here are definitely no-bargain shops. But, check whether they are offering any discounts or not. It is recommended to carry a good amount of cash as shopping here can be costly.

4. Bapu Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar is one of the best places to shop in Jaipur. Mainly famous for leather items and Mojari (Rajasthani footwear made of camel leather), there are many shops offering Rajasthani sarees and lehengas, perfumes, sandstone and marble carvings, and crafted works. It is the best place to purchase souvenir or memorabilia to bring back home as a memory. Regardless of whether you are not shopping, take a tour of this place to witness the vibrancy of Jaipur. It is also the best place for bargain shopping so do a little bit bargaining at every shop you visit at Bapu Bazaar.

5. Nehru Bazaar

It is famous for readymade garments, footwear, gifts, household things; etc. The place should be on your list if you are on a shopping spree. There are many shops selling Rajasthani craft. You can discover everything in Nehru Bazaar, from perfumes to Rajasthani jootis to textiles. Wonderful blue pottery is likewise popular here. It is situated on MI Road, near Kishanpol Bazaar and Chaura Rasta, and is the perfect place to take back souvenir for your loved ones.

6. Tibbati Market

Tibbati markets of all cities are very popular and so is this market of Jaipur. Here you can buy knits, handlooms, sweaters, jackets and more. You can surely relish the authentic momos they sell here. This market is located at Kanwar Nagar.

7. Badi Chaupar

Badi Chaupar is quite close to Hawa Mahal and you can easily reach by walking. It is a must visit as here you can buy embroidered bed sheets for friends and relatives. Shopping in Jaipur has to include shopping at Badi Chaupar. Here you can also get block printed clothing items and traditional gift items.

Other shopping places to visit in Jaipur

Apart from these, there are numerous other shopping places in Jaipur that guarantee a wonderful shopping experience for tourists and local people. Head off to the elegant shopping centers in the city, such as MGF Metropolitan Mall, The Tritton, City Pulse, World Trade Park, and Ganpati Plaza for high-end shopping. In addition to these, there are other well-known street markets, which are Chaura Rasta, Kishanpol Bazaar, and Chandpole Bazaar.

Book your stay in Jaipur

There are some exclusive hotels located in the heart of the city. Whether you are looking for a luxury stay or cheap hotels, you can easily find an accommodation according to your requirements and budget. Also, you have the option to book Jaipur hotels online from your phone for convenience. Some options are Chokhi Dhani Resort, Clarks Amer, and Ramada Jaipur.

If you are enthusiastic about visiting a cultural city that offers many shopping options, plan your trip to Jaipur.