7 Most Haunted Places To Avoid In Goa

A popular tourist destination, Goa is famous for its nightlife, beach parties, water sports and great sea food. Goa has churches all over the places, but there are many stories of ghosts connected with them. However, it is not known if they are true or just rumors, the tales of paranormal activities at different places are always a topic of discussion for the people. So, if you are planning to visit Goa, there are some places which can give you a spooky experience, so better to avoid them

How to reach:

Goa can be reached by air, by train or by road as per your convenience. Once you have reached Goa, you can go for bike rentals, cars or local buses to get around the city. However, if you are willing to visit these haunted places, it is recommended to travel in a group.

Best time to visit Goa:

The best time to visit Goa is from mid-November to mid-February. During this time, you can enjoy beach parties at night and visit the haunted places in the day time.

Haunted places in South Goa

The southern part is filled with many tourist places in Goa; however there are many haunted places too.

1. Three Kings’ Church: Spirits of three kings

This church is situated in Cansaulim village and is known as the most haunted place in Goa. The story of this place is that there were three Portuguese kings who ruled the place. In the greed of power one of them poisoned other two. This turned the people against the king; and finally, the king committed suicide. The bodies are said to be buried under this church and many say that their spirits roam around the church as well as in the village.

2. Ignorchem Bandh: Spirits are visible during the day time as well

This place is a stretch of road located in a place called Raia. It is said that spirits roam around during the day time too. It is also said that if someone walks on the road during late afternoon hours, he/she may be possessed by these evil spirits.

3. Rachol Seminary Arch

This village is on the banks of Zuari River that has an arch leading to the seminary. According to locals, a soldier”s spirit from the times when Goa was a Portuguese colony guards this village an does not allow someone it deems unfit for entering this place.

4. Jakni Bandh: Noise of children killed in accident

Jakni Bandh is a bridge built temporarily between Navelim and Drampur. This bridge is also considered one of the haunted places in Goa. Once, the school bus had collapsed due to driver’s mistake and all children died on the bridge. Many people say that they have heard cries of little children during night time.

Haunted places in North Goa

Many beaches in North Goa are considered the most loved holiday destinations in Goa, especially for fun at night, but there are haunted places too. Avoid booking a hotel near these places.

5. NH 17 Mumbai-Goa Highway: Witches running behind non-veg food

It is another popular haunted place in Goa. It is said that, the witches move around on this highway in the search of meat and hence it is recommended not to carry meat while travelling after sunset.

6. Baytakhol- Woman ghost caused road accidents

This place is located between Dhavali and Borim. There are rumors that a woman is seen asking for help on the road. If anybody crosses her and turns back, the road will be empty. Many accidents caused on the road have made this story more popular.

7. Borim Bridge

This bridge of the Portuguese era has a really scary story of a lady ghost at night. She runs on the bridge and when someone approaches her, she jumps in the river. If someone stops to help, he finds no one and she is right there in the backseat of the car. Even though people say she does not harm, it is best to avoid this place.

8. Saligao Village: Spirit of Lady Christalina

Located 15 km away from Panji, Saligao is a small village which is also considered one of the haunted places in Goa. Although, the village is famous for churches, it is also said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman known as Christalina. The tale of this spirit roaming around a banyan tree started around 6 decades back. A Portuguese man went missing and found with scratches and wounds. He after being questioned said that he had been taken by Christalina.

9. Dona Paula

Dona Paula beach is the famous watersports hub. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Goa. You can find many stalls near this beach and can enjoy the amazing watersports activities throughout the day. However, there are tales of this place being haunted. Whether those tales are true or false, people refrain from visiting the beach during night time.

This place is well-connected to all parts of Goa. Madgaon junction is the nearest railway station near Dona Paula, which is just 41 Km away from it. You can avail taxis or buses from the junction to reach the place. There are buses running frequently from Panaji. Buses also run from all parts of Goa to Dona Paula.

Hotels in Goa at Dona Paula:

Dona Paula is one of the most expensive locations in Goa. You can hardly find any cheap hotels here. However, the services and the facilities provided by the hotels are worth the money. You can have a good, comfortable and luxurious stay at hotels, such as Casa Fortuna, SinQ Edge, Swimsea beach resort, etc. You can also rent any apartment or guest house here.

Apart from these places, there are few houses like The Rodrigues home in North Goa and D’Mello house in South Goa, which are said to be haunted. There are many other places in North and South Goa which are referred to as haunted places and people are warned against visiting them. Still, out of curiosity or as an adventurous act, some people dare to go there. But, these are not the places to visit in Goa with family, as there is risk of entire family getting into trouble. The existence of the ghosts is neither completely accepted nor completely denied and hence it is better not to be over adventurous. Also, when booking hotels in Goa, make sure it is not near any of these haunted places.