7 Glamorous Activities for Your Little Divas and Don Juans

They say stars are made, not born. One look at the budding young divas and rock stars of today is indeed enough to prove that.
Be it cool new gadgets and popular lingo, or latest fashion trends and charming showmanship, they seem to have perfected it all. With their inherent charm and multi-tasking abilities, your young sensations are sure to dazzle in any field.
Cleartrip Activities will give your little stars a chance to shine bright with activities as diverse as they are awe-inspiring. Graceful twirls of ballet, thrills of car-racing and increased self-confidence through martial arts; Cleartrip Activities offers your little stars a chance to try all of these and more.
Here’s a list of 7 such enjoyable and glamorous activities that we offer across different cities in India.

1. Gymnastics in Mumbai

Graceful, agile, and spectacular; gymnastics is one fascinating sport. Who hasn’t gazed upon young Russian gymnasts, in awe and with a little bit of envy? Yet, what better time to stretch and split than when your body is at its most flexible? Enroll your little stars in this alluring Cleartrip activity to watch them perform their first leaps and flips.

2. Bollywood Dance in Mumbai

The energetic beats of Bollywood chartbusters certainly compel us to groove. If your children possess the onscreen oomph and style of a true Bollywood dancer, this workshop is made for them. Cleartrip allows them to master the lively moves guided by a professional choreographer. With these classic steps to their credit, they are sure to dazzle any dance floor.

3. New Karate Kids in Bhopal

Watching the swift and tough martial arts moves in an action sequence often leaves us awed. Karate, indeed, is not only strengthening but also spectacular. This energizing activity from Cleartrip also helps boost your child’s fitness, concentration, and confidence. What could be more perfect for your little action masters?

4. Western Dance in New Delhi

A variety of glamorous, elegant, and sensational, western dance forms have certainly acquired a very high ‘cool’ quotient among youngsters. We introduce your children to street and contemporary styles with this dynamic dance workshop. Watch your children captivate the audience and shine among their peers with smooth dance moves!

5. Jazz Drumming – Secunderabad

The life of a rock star is exciting and enviable. Why not let your own future rock stars find their path to fame? Introduce them to the rhythmic world of jazz drumming and various styles including Jazz-Rock Fusion and Latin Jazz. Starting off with the basics through this dynamic activity from Cleartrip, they will soon win hearts with their flair and technique.

6. Baby Cart in Hyderabad

One would hardly associate the speedy and sensational sport of Go-Karting with children. Well, if it is the safety risks you are concerned about, you need not worry anymore. With these special 5bhp Karts, designed keeping in mind young racers, your worry takes a back seat. Cleartrip Activities offers your children the opportunity to safely cruise to their hearts’ content. Let them steer the wheel and take their first ride into the thrilling world of Go-Karting.

7. Hip-Hop in Gurgaon

Chic, animated and glamorous; hip-hop is all of this and more. Your young dance masters can capture the streets with their smart hip-hop moves. From break dancing to locking and popping, Cleartrip Activities will help them learn to groove with their own ‘swag’ in no time. So, let them break free and express themselves through hip-hop.

If you don’t want your child to just blend in and remain just part of the herd, sign them up for these dynamic and fun-filled activities that won’t just keep them busy, but will give them a real edge over others. So, find the perfect activity on the Cleartrip mobile app, and watch your free-spirited young divas and don juans soar high.