7 Experiences Unique to Mumbai

When it comes to holidaying, Mumbai is one of the best places to visit. Be it a weekend holiday or a week-long vacation, Mumbai has so much in store for everyone that even a month may not be enough for you to fully explore this exciting, energetic city. Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, it is one of the prime places in India not only for tourism but also for commerce.

Learn about Mumbai

Mumbai is not only the capital city of Maharashtra but also the city with the highest population in India. Around 12.4 million people live in this city and make it so vibrant. People from different cultures, economic backgrounds and ethnicities together create the vibe of Mumbai. Don’t be surprised to know that it is also the richest city in India, with the highest number of billionaires in the nation. No wonder, Mumbai was named an alpha city in 2008. At the same time, a visit to the slums, like Dharavi will show you how happiness does not discriminate between the rich and poor. Mumbai is formed out of 7 islands that combined to form the city after land reclamation projects. This city is not only easily accessible from Bangalore, but can also be reached by flight, train or bus from different parts of the country.

Exploring and Experiencing Mumbai

Visiting Mumbai can be an absolute pleasure. The city opens up its arms for everyone and offers a multitude of fun activities and experiences. Let us explore 7 experiences unique to Mumbai that will certainly entertain and delight you.

1. Sail on the Arabian Sea

Just imagine yourself gliding over the blue serene waters of the Arabian Sea and enjoying the waves splashing around you. This will be possible when you hire an international class keelboat and set sail over the serene waters painted azure by the tranquil sky above. This is a mesmerizing experience that only Mumbai can offer.

2. Meet the stars in a museum

The Red-Carpet Wax Museum in Ghatkopar is certain to excite you as you see life-sized wax statues of your favourite superstars from Bollywood and popular personalities from other fields like politics. You will find statues of Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Lincoln and Dalai Lama among many other esteemed personalities. This museum also has an amphitheatre, which is meant for people of all ages. Visit this lovely museum to know more.

3. Mumbai Dandiya Utsav

If you are visiting Mumbai during the time of Navaratras, then you can certainly be assured of being enthralled by the Dandiya Utsav, which is organised to attain the blessings of Hindu Goddesses. The clinking of dandiya sticks and the rhythmic movement of groups of people dressed in traditional finery in choreographed dances is certainly a feast for the eyes. You need to be in Mumbai at that time of the year to experience it; definitely, a sight not to be missed. No words can explain the fervour of this season when people immerse themselves to the devotion of the Gods and revel in her blessings.

4. Mumbai Food Tour

Mumbai is a foodie’s paradise. The street food here is unique to this charming city. If you are the type of traveller who enjoys long walks and good food, then a food tour in Mumbai is something you must not miss. Mumbai offers a variety of delicacies, and you cannot taste all of them even if you stay for a month. Just take your bag, apply sunscreen and get ready to taste some of the delicacies that Mumbai has to offer. Visit various shops and taste the sweets, namkeens and other delicious food items of the city. The city is also famous for its Maharashtrian cuisine, which is served in several Mumbai hotels. Do try this local cuisine when in Mumbai.

5. Dabbawala tour

The dabbawalas of Mumbai are famous across the world. They are so efficient in their distribution process that even experts from Harvard came down to the city to study their operational model and write a case study for the best minds to study. You must take a tour of the city with these dabbawalas and see how the efficient system works to distribute food to lakhs of people in the city every day. Your mind will be boggled after witnessing how the entire business is run, based only on simple logic, devotion, efficiency and trust. You might even hear some fun stories and experiences from them.

6. Entertainment parks

Mumbai is the hub of entertainment and amusement parks have not stayed away from Mumbai. Your visit to Mumbai can never be complete without a visit to the Essel World and Imagica. Revel in the splashes of cool water and glide over the swings in these amazing theme parks. Kidzania is another indoor theme park in the Ghatkopar area that children of all ages enjoy and love to visit.

Cycling trip in South Mumbai

Here comes an ultimate package for fitness enthusiasts. You can hire a bicycle and take a tour around South Mumbai. During the ride, you will come across many historic and beautiful places. You will see some beautiful examples of Victorian architecture. A ride along the Marine Drive is also possible during the serene mornings and tranquil evenings. If lucky, you may also come across a supercar whizzing on the roads.

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If you are already excited to book your flight to Mumbai, then let us help you with some tips to find cheap Mumbai flights.

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  • Search at the correct time. It is suggested that the best time to check for flights is early mornings and late nights.
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Be careful while booking flights because chances are you may end up booking expensive tickets for your trip if you don’t follow the above tips. So be wise and plan ahead for a wonderful experience in Mumbai.