5 Best Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

To explore the Emerald Isle, you need accommodation that fits and blends with the tranquil pace of life here, something a regular business hotel simply cannot provide. Take a pick of the sumptuous boutique options instead.

1. Drift away into 17th century charm, in a modern setting

This charming getaway is nestled within the uber-romantic ramparts of the UNESCO Heritage 17th century Galle Fort. 9 bedrooms, 10 chambers and 7 suites are elegantly ringed around the frangipani-scented gardens and the huge central pool. The spa, “The Baths’, offers saunas, a cold plunge-pool and unique bespoke hydrotherapy sessions. Each room is elegantly outfitted with polished Burma Teak and 4 poster beds. Old-world charm does not get better than this. So what are you waiting for? Book into Amangalla, Galle and experience the true beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Where the medieval meets the uber-modern

Image Source : casacolombo.com
This 12 suite retro-chic architectural delight is a blend of a 200 year old Moorish mansion and the vision of contemporary design. Its original Indian and Italian mosaic floors, carved arches and hacienda-style balconies are gems of an era gone by. No suite is alike, and every article of décor is sourced locally, to impart that unique local feel, with the right touch of grandeur. 200 years old it may be, it is no slouch in absolute up-to-date electronic gadgetry. Check the room availability and rates at Casa Colombo Hotel, Colombo. You will surely find it meet your budget and needs.

3. A property that oozes colonial charm

Once the seat of the Bangladeshi Ambassador, this roomy, airy, voluminous 5 bedroom property is also tucked away in the 17th century Galle Fort; the colonial charm outside blends perfectly with the muted elegance of the decor inside. Enter the property via the fort’s quaint Lighthouse Street, and you are immediately cocooned in lush, cooling foliage. The fully-staffed house has its own pool, a spacious terrace and all the electronic amenities for the businessman and tourist alike. Thus, you can plan your stay at Ambassador’s House, Galle during your next visit to this place. Book in advance for a room of your choice.

4. Stretch your limbs amidst tranquil nature

Spread out over 58 acres of land, with a 150yr old mansion at its centre, this is how the local royals lived, and now you can experience it too. 20 eco-chalets dot the landscape, with half their energy resources coming from solar panels. Each chalet offers views of stunning peace and quiet, a lush forest, a breezy paddy field, or a mirror-calm lake. King size beds, the softest linen, wood floors and above all, space to stretch out are the highlights of each chalet. Book into Ulagalla Resort, Anuradhapura and you would never regret it. The fine stay in the nature bound breezy rooms would be a rejuvenating experience for you.

5. Serenity on the shores of the Indian Ocean

As the name suggests, that is the experience you are guaranteed. Take your pick of location to unwind in: eating and drinking to the sound of bird-calls, reading in a palm-shaded hammock, being pampered in the spa, or walking the deserted beach and hanging with the local fisher-folk who are catching your dinner. For the active, there is the tennis court and the gorgeous pool. Under-15 kids are not allowed, precisely to ensure serenity for the other guests. The Serene Pavilions, Wadduwa is a great option for family stay. See whether it suits your needs and tastes.

Insider Tips:

When visiting Sri Lanka, ensure you carry adequate mosquito-protection and take all anti-malaria precautions, even in winter.