4 Most Thrilling Water Sports Places to Visit in Pondicherry

Indian coastal destinations are uniquely different in their charm and beauty. The pristine coastal stretch of Pondicherry accompanied with its serene and calm ambience, defining spirituality in all new perspective is one of the favourite beach holiday destinations to visit with family. It offers tourists a host of recreational sports to experience the thrill. Apart from the numerous places to visit in Pondicherry, there are many activities to indulge in, as well.

About Water Sports in Pondicherry

While some visitors find tranquility and peace of mind in the solace and purity of soul in yoga classes and meditation, others delve into the exciting and nerve-wrecking thrill of water sports in Pondicherry. An offbeat tourist place in India, Pondicherry offers a plethora of delightful water sport activities on its white sandy shores. The Chunnambar Water Sports Complex are one of the most famous and popular destination for water sport freaks. It offers an engaging array of speedboat rides, parasailing, kayaks, scuba diving, pedal boats, etc. One of its latest attractions among water sports activities is the new banana rides. The beaches of Pondicherry are ideal for kick backwater sports like surfing, free diving, scuba diving, and body boarding. One can participate in various water activities at various beaches of the city. Water conditions are favourable for beginners as well as expert water sport enthusiasts. It is thrilling and exciting experience to explore the underwater marine life, witness the exotic beauty of fishes, corals, turtles, and sea plants. The quaint and serene ambience of Pondicherry also offers a lot of thrilling adventure scopes like backwater sailing, canoeing, kayaking, camping, and other adventure scopes. Among places to visit in Pondicherry before you die Paradise Beach and Karaikal Beach are two most renowned ones. Here are 4 most exciting water sports places to visit in Pondicherry with family.

1. Delve into Water Sports at Karaikal Beach

Karaikal Beach in Pondicherry offers a spectacular array of water sports, especially to the adventure enthusiastic travelers. Not for only fun, but also you can stay engaged for hours and enjoy with your family. The beach is rapidly gaining popularity for its bunch of thrilling water activities like backwater sailing, boating, camping at the beachside, canoeing, water volleyball, etc. Karaikal Beach is even known for its picture perfect scenic glory. Besides, its serene and majestic charm can overwhelm simply anyone. To visit Karaikal Beach, November to March is an ideal time. Karaikal Beach is one of the places to visit in Pondicherry within 10000 km and is only 133 km away from Pondicherry.

2. Surfing at Serenity Beach

A perfect hot destination for the adrenaline junkies, who love the thrill of playing with surfs over the mighty waves, in control of the motion, checking out the surfing activity scope at Serenity Beach, is must tourist destination in Pondicherry. Feel an over the brim experience to breathe in those fresh winds and play with the swirling surfs of the sea. Surfing is fun, as you get to experience the turquoise waters of the sea, and enjoy a spendthrift freedom. Surfing is conducted not only at Serenity Beach but also on Paradise beach in Pondicherry. Surfing is a fun filled activity, which requires high adrenaline strength. Mainly, the sports enthusiasts and adventure lovers hover in these beaches for a taste of this scintillating sport in Pondicherry.

3. Scuba Diving at Pondicherry

Pondicherry is blessed with a magnificent coastline, with enigmatic scope of scuba diving sports. It is an unparalleled experience to delve deep into the fresh, clear, and azure blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. The kaleidoscopic waters of the coastline at this union territory create a majestic feel, along with the enchanting feel of exploring the secrets down the sea. While in Pondicherry, you simply cannot miss out on experiencing the thrill and feel of scuba diving. Pondicherry is one of the best tourist places in India for scuba diving, and Scuba Diving here is organized by Temple Adventures, which is indeed a 5 Star Rated PADI centre. Certified and highly-trained professional PADI certified divers, supervise and guide you through the scuba diving. The range of the diving sites in Pondicherry mostly ranges from 5m to 40m, which is indeed ideal for beginners as well as experienced divers, respectively. Moreover, crystal clear water makes the diving even more exciting for you to get to explore the treasure trove of marine life, coral reefs, and curate the most auspicious experience of your life at Pondicherry. Most popular diving sites in Pondicherry are Temple Reef, Coral Shark Reef, Arvind”s Wall, and The Hole.

4. Kayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing are two most enjoyable water sports. Besides, it does not require much training and Pondicherry offers the delight of experiencing both of them. Both these water sports are conducted in Pondicherry beaches under trained surveillance. Therefore, Pondicherry with its serene coastlines offers both the sports seamlessly. Many travellers do come to Pondicherry, especially to experience the thrill and adventure of kayaking and canoeing and to get the adrenaline rush.

Water Sports Safety Tips

  • Check if a certified and well-trained expert is supervising the water sports you are planning to experience.
  • It is always recommended not to attempt a sport without proper supervision or guidance.
  • Check if any weather alerts provided before you go for a sport.
  • Do not attempt for surfing, diving, etc. during monsoon.
  • Consumption of any kind of intoxicating products or alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited for safety purpose.

Best Season to Visit Tourist Places in Pondicherry

In order to enjoy a comfortable trip, pre winters to winter that is from October to February in considered the most favorable season to visit Pondicherry. Unlike the monsoons, which are quite humid and marked with heavy downpours, October and November also experiences a few torrential showers, but without the humidity. In spite, the sudden downpours due to retreating monsoon, October and November happens to be quite comfortable for travelling. Even during winters, temperature at Pondicherry never drops down below 17⁰ Celsius. The water temperature also remains quite comfortable for water activities. Travellers need to carry light woolens, since the winters are not so severe. Those looking ahead to water sports engagement at Pondicherry must avoid the Monsoons.

Pondicherry Hotels Near Water Sports Destinations

In order to experience the true thrill of water sports and to enjoy the sports activities to the maximum, it is best to live near to the Paradise Beach or Serenity Beach or even near Karaikal Beach. Yagna Residency at Paradaise Boat House, Kailash Lily Pool, and RKN Resort are some of the finest hotels in Pondicherry. A holiday with family means luxury, relaxation, and complete fun, and these hotels promise a nice stay. Book your hotel online if you are visiting in the Month of December and January for this is the month of Christmas and New Year hence huge rush is expected. In order to avoid the hassle and to get the best rooms at affordable rates, check for availability and book ahead for confirmed booking. You can search hotels by price, location, star rating and facilities to get exactly what you are looking for.