17 Things You Must Know About Travelling From London To Amsterdam

London is the capital of United Kingdom and is situated to the west of Amsterdam, nearly 360 km. Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands and is known for its artistic heritage and the picturesque beauty of the city. The city is becoming the new Venice among the tourists. The route from London to Amsterdam is a popular route and is known to attract a huge number of passengers through various modes of transportation.

Before we dive any further, let us understand what makes these cities worth visiting. London is one of the most heritage sites rich places in the world. It has the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and so much more. The country is vibrant with people working hard when it comes to their profession, building careers and enjoying passions.

Amsterdam, on the other hand, has the most picturesque buildings. It is the world’s capital of bicycles. There are bicycles all over, all the time, even during the winters. This place is known for one of the most progressive communities in the world. Amsterdam has a diverse group of people most of them bilingual, talking both Dutch and English. So, that attracts tourists from all over.

Now, here are 17 things about London to Amsterdam route.

1.Distance between London-Amsterdam:

This is one of the most popular air route in the world. The London Amsterdam air route attracts around 4 million passengers every year. The distance between the two cities is 360 km or 222 miles.

2.Flight duration:

It takes around 45 to 70 minutes on a nonstop flight to travel from London to Amsterdam. However, other means of transport like trains and buses can also be taken to reach Amsterdam from London.

3.No Passport:

You do not require a passport to travel from London to Amsterdam. However, it is suggested that you carry it for identification proof or take any other ID proof like driving license, citizenship card or utility bill.

4.Advance Passenger Information:

This info is required to be sent to the airport officials. Since there is no passport hassle while travelling from Amsterdam to London or vice versa, the only check that airport does is the pre-sent passenger information while travelling through this route.

5.London airports:

There are 6 airports in and around London i.e. London City (LCY), Heathrow (LHR), Luton (LTN), Stansted (STN), Gatwick (LGW), and Southend (SEN). Depending on the airport from where your flight will take off, you need to reach the London Airport. The airport of Amsterdam is called Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS).

6.London Airport Facilities:

Most London airports provide the following facilities lounge, wellness centre, business area, wi-fi, showers, food and drinks, meeting rooms, baggage facilities, information desks, lost property, currency exchange, prayer rooms, facilities for disabled, trolleys, shops and restaurants and more.

7.Amsterdam airport facilities:

Facilities for travellers at the airport include bars and cafes, duty free shops, business facilities, library, facilities for disabled like electro car and wheelchairs, etc.

8.How to travel from Amsterdam airport:

You can take a taxi, bus or train to reach city centre from the Amsterdam airport. The fastest and the most convenient way to hire an airport taxi.

9.Connecting vs direct flights:

Most flights on the London to Amsterdam route are non-stop as the distance is not much. However, few airlines like Swiss airlines have connecting flights too. Connecting flights take 3.5 to 4.5 hours while a direct flight reaches in an hour. Zurich is the common stop.

10.Booking cheap flights:

Cheapest deals can be garnered when one books flight at least a 2-months or at least 5-weeks from the date of journey. The Amsterdam-London flight when booked well in advance will cost significantly less. You can easily book cheap flights via Cleartrip.com.

11.Airlines to travel on this route:

Easyjet offers the cheapest London to Amsterdam flights. There is Vueling that also offers the service at decent prices. In addition to these two, British airlines provide a great service, but might not be as low in terms of the cost. More airlines flying on this route are KLM, Iberia, SWISS, Lufthansa, Cityjet, and FlyBE.

12.Low season and High Season-

March is the low season while April is the most popular time to travel on this route.

13.Frequency of flights:

EasyJet has 29 flights daily, British Airways has 28 flights daily, KLM has 25 flights daily.

14.Best-Rated and Reliable Airlines:

Best are KLM, British Airways, Flybe, Vueling and easyJet. Flybe is most reliable of these for being on time.

15.Airport Routes:

Easyjet connects AMS to Luton (LTN), Stansted (STN), Gatwick (LGW), Southend (SEN). British Airways connects AMS to City (LCY), Heathrow (LHW) and London Gatwick (LGW).

16.Popular and cheapest route:

London Heathrow to Amsterdam Schiphol is the popular route and London Luton Airport to Amsterdam Schiphol is the cheapest flight route.

17.Trains are more enjoyable:

If you want to enjoy your trip and explore more places on the way, you can travel via train. The train stops at Antwerp and Brussels. Train may take 4-5 hours. Buses take about 11 hours to cross the distance. Check GoEuro for cheap and fast trains and buses.

Both the cities are wonderful, picturesque and unique in their own ways. They have several sightseeing options that you can explore and enjoy. People in both the cities are friendly and welcoming towards the tourists.

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