11 Must-Do Specialty Tours Across India

Vivacious, colorful, and with a rich legacy of history and culture, India is a treat for all your senses. Each destination is endowed with a plethora of attractions, interweaving the many aspects of this amazing country.
But this astounding diversity may leave you at a loss for finding a fitting way to explore this marvelous country and all its aspects. Well, worry not; Cleartrip has you covered!
Here’s our list of 11 wonderful specialty tours across various cities in the country that are essential for the perfect Indian experience!

1. Factory Tour in Hyderabad

Be it a festive saree or a casual kurta, no Indian look is complete without a bunch of colorful bangles. From traditional glass bangles to stylish wooden and plastic ones, India offers a huge variety to experiment with.
But ever wondered how these jingling accessories are made? Satiate your curiosity with our special behind-the-scenes factory tour in Hyderabad’s Masab Tank locale.

2. Dolphin Tour in Goa

Goan beaches have their own charms. But if you need yet another reason to fall in love with the seaside haven, here it is – dolphins! Cleartrip Acitvities offers you the unique opportunity to sail into the sea from the Candolim Beach or Bardez to watch these lithe aquatic mammals perform graceful leaps. What better way to relax than in the adorable company of these friendly, marine creatures?

3. Museum Tour in New Delhi

From its numerous cultures and age-old traditions to its ancient art forms, India truly is an embodiment of diversities. Naturally, it would hardly be possible to experience its entire essence in one place, right?
Well, not if you are in the capital. Step into New Delhi’s Balbir Nagar for an enthralling tour of the capital”s splendid museums. From the National Museum to the National Science Center, to Shankar’s International Doll Museum, this tour from Cleartrip Activities is your one-stop destination to unraveling India.

4. Monastery Tour in Gangtok

In the heart of Sikkim, Gangtok is the perfect destination for any spiritualist. The rhythmic chants of the Buddhist monks echoing through enormous halls are nothing short of mesmerizing. Rediscover your spirituality, as you explore the humble lifestyle and vibrant culture of Tibetan community with this divine monastic tour through the city of Gangtok.

5. Slum Tour in Mumbai

They may appear disorderly and dusty, but Mumbai’s clustered slums hide a dynamic and rather fascinating world within. One of the largest slums in the world, Dharavi is, in fact, a large, community-based manufacturing hub for textiles, pottery, and papad. Discover this extraordinary face of India’s beloved ‘City of Dreams’ with Cleartrip’s exciting slum tour.

6. Bollywood Tour in Mumbai

It is impossible to speak of Mumbai and not mention the glamorous world of Bollywood. Be it the catchy chartbusters, the spectacular dances, or the elaborate film sets, the Hindi Film Industry has captured the fancy of its audience for years.
Here’s your chance to witness the on-screen magic as it is created off-screen. From a studio visit to dubbing, this entertaining tour from Cleartrip is certainly every Bollywood-lover’s dream come true.

7. Shopping Tour in Lucknow

You haven’t truly explored an Indian city until you have wandered through its liveliest spaces, its markets. When you are in the regal City of Nawabs, even the markets have a distinct air of refinement. Lucknow’s swanky Hazratganj Market is not only a haven for shopaholics but also an ideal place for you to experience the city”s colonial splendor. This enjoyable shopping tour from Cleartrip lets you soak in the Victorian aura, as you hunt for the quintessential Lucknowi Chikan kurta.

8. Tea-Tasting in Darjeeling

When the chilly mountain air caresses you as you stroll along the steep, hilly lanes, nothing is more welcoming than a steaming cup of hot, Darjeeling tea. With its cityscape cloaked in a carpet of lush tea estates, no visit to Darjeeling is complete without tasting this delectable concoction. Be sure to attend Cleartrip’s specially organized tea-tasting session with an empty stomach to fully savor all the delightful varieties of tea served here.

9. Heritage Tour in Kochi

From its splendid royal legacy to magnificent colonial structures to age-old shrines of numerous religions, Kochi is undeniably a treasure-trove of heritage. Delve a little deeper into the fascinating legends of this marvelous city. In this day-long heritage tour of Kochi, Cleartrip takes you to its historical gems such as the Dutch Palace, the Jewish Synagogue, and the Kottayil Kovilakam Fort, among others.

10. Spice Tour in Wayanad

The secret behind India’s fiery yet irresistibly delectable cuisine can be found in the hilly city of Wayanad. It is here, amid the cool mountainous weather, that spices like cardamom, pepper, and clove take roots in sprawling spice gardens. Walk with us along these stretches of green plantations, as you take in the fresh aroma of tender, unripe spices.

11. Rural Tour in Amritsar

The endless stretch of yellow-green mustard fields are an image inseparable from a quintessential Punjabi village. But there is much more to explore and experience here. Step into Amritsar’s Ranjit Avenue to enjoy its rustic setting and charming village customs. Indulge in this exciting activity form Cleartrip to traverse the farms on a tractor, taste the sweet, milky lassi, and dance to the lively dhol (drum) beats of Punjabi music. You can also witness the local artisans at work, weaving traditional Amritsar carpets.

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