10 Ways to Celebrate the Freedom of Travel This Independence Day

This year, India will celebrate its 70th year of Independence. All these years, as a nation, we have grown, learnt, transformed and advanced in all fields. So why should travel be left behind? This year, celebrate a milestone year of our country’s journey as a free nation by exercising your right to travel—fully and freely! Do something you’ve never done before, head to an unheard-of destination or join a group of travellers you don’t know: the theme is your right to travel exactly how you want to. Read on to find out how you can make the most of this freedom.

1. Go on a Solo Trip

Going on a solo trip is the ultimate way to express your freedom to travel independently. There’s something about just putting yourself out into the world, ready to take on all the fun and risks that come with travelling all by yourself. Sure, if it’s your first time, anxiety is common, but what lies beyond is beautiful. Tip: if you’re a newbie, do celebrate your independence, but it may be best to head to a tried-and-tested destination!

2. Gift your parents a holiday

Gift your parents a holiday somewhere fun.This way, you will give them the freedom to travel, in return for the freedom they gave you to be who you want to be! Choose a destination based on their personalities but one that is safe and easy to traverse too. Generally, Europe would be the best option. If the budget doesn’t allow, choose Dubai, Sri Lanka, or Singapore. Whatever you choose, the idea is to spread some free-spirited smiles!

3. Head to an off-beat destination you wouldn’t have visited before

To head off to an offbeat destination would mean to discover a side of yourself you didn’t know before. This time, go off the beaten track and head to places like Mongolia, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Andes in Chile or The Arctic Circle! Of course, you can even celebrate your freedom by doing offbeat things in more conventional locations like sky-diving in Dubai, kickboxing in Thailand or go hiking in Hong Kong!

4. Buy a one-way ticket

Nothing spells “freedom” quite like buying a one-way ticket to somewhere. The sheer exhilaration of booking such a ticket speaks volumes of the freedom you would like to gift yourself. You will also get the chance to explore a destination at your own pace, without the hassle of completing a to-see and to-do list in a specified time frame. Sit all day at a café, dive for hours in lakes and simply take in the scenery: that’s slow travel for you!

5. Travel to learn a new language

Learning a new language empowers you in more ways than you can imagine. Clubbing this task with travel is a great option because not only will you hone a new talent but also pick up cultural nuances from its home country! This not only gives you context and the chance to exercise your freedom to travel but also broadens your mind and thinking. You can do this as an exchange program, solo or at an international university.

6. Tour landmarks in India that were important in our freedom struggle

When you tour various places in India that played a major role in India’s freedom struggle, you will begin to see the nation in a new light—far removed from what you read in history textbooks. Since this is a landmark year, why don’t you do a special tour? You may start in the north at Amritsar’s Jallianwala Bagh, retrace the locations of the Dandi march, and visit the Sabarmati Ashram, Jhansi Fort, and Kakori!

7. Head to your hometown to learn about your roots

When you head to your hometown, you’re giving yourself the freedom to learn where you came from. There’s a romance about going back to your roots, it’s humbling and offers a unique identity. For many of us, life in our hometowns is still pretty much the same as it was in the past and therein lies the magic of simplicity. Travel back to your native place, learn some local cooking and customs and you will come back wiser.

8. Sign up for a trekking tour with strangers

Trekking is one thing, and trekking with strangers is an entirely different thing! Hiking up steep terrain exposes you to the vastness of the mountain you are climbing, facing each hurdle head-on. You are rendered vulnerable and, instead of having friends with you, are surrounded by people you don’t know. Need we say anymore? This is the ultimate gift of freedom and the test of your true self. In India, you can trek in Ladakh, the Himalayas, or the north-eastern hills.

9. Go on a volunteering trip

When you embark on a volunteering vacation, you’re putting your freedom to travel to good use: one that will benefit others. What good is independence when you can’t share its joy with others and enable them to live freely, with lesser hindrances? You may choose to volunteer at an earthquake site or old age home, teach a language in a far-away school, or help plant more trees, whatever it is, book your “helping-hand” ticket now!

10. Join a women’s travel club

The definition of the freedom to travel is women empowering each other to travel more. Recently, several like-minded ladies have started groups that travel together frequently within India and abroad. Some go to adventurous places like Ladakh while others choose to go on shopping escapades in Dubai and Bangkok. Whatever be your pick, if you’re a lady who wants to exercise her freedom to travel this Independence Day, join a women’s travel club. It’s safe and fun.

Travel to enjoy your freedom, travel to learn, travel to make new friends, or simply travel for travel’s sake. Whatever be your reason, you have little to lose and everything to gain! Celebrate the joy of traveling with great prices for tickets, and book your favorite hotels at whichever destination you head to using the hassle-free Cleartrip app.