10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Bengaluru that Make Non-Vegetarians Drool

Who says that being a vegetarian, limits your food choices? There’s a lot more dishes and types of cuisine than soups and salads, and Bengaluru has some top-notch restaurants serving pure vegetarian food. The range of options shows a lot more diversity than one would expect and we bring to you 10 of the best places to eat at. Your non-vegetarian friends will be won over, not just with the variety, but also with the exquisite tastes.

1. Little Italy

Cuisine: Italian
Area: Indiranagar
Little Italy is great not just for its ambience, but also for its delectable Italian cuisine. Dimly lit, but airy, with plenty of greenery around, you will feel truly relaxed here; something that will enhance your dining experience, allowing you to relish your meal. With the prices that they offer, it certainly is worth it. Some of their most popular dishes include Margarita Pizzas, Bolognese, and Pasta Alla Alfredo. Make sure to leave space for deserts, as they have plenty of treats for anyone with a sweet tooth. Try out their Caramel Custard and Choco Lava Cake. In addition to the famous Indiranagar branch, they also have 2 outlets in BTM Layout and Jayanagar.

2. Brahmin”s Coffee Bar

Cuisine: South Indian
Area: Basavanagudi
Brahmin”s Coffee Bar is one of Bengaluru’s most iconic eating houses. Yes, it’s not your typical restaurant; it is more aptly described as an eating joint. No matter what time you visit the place, you are likely to find crowds spilling out of the place. Of course, no one seems to mind the crowd, because everyone is either ready to wait or engrossed in their delicious food. You will probably find yourself eating idlis or dosas, while standing in front of the restaurant, or seated beneath a tree. Its worth a visit to experience the authentic ‘Old Bangalore’ charm and exquisite South Indian food. Don’t forget to try the piping hot filter coffee in Brahmin’s Coffee Bar.

3. Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

Cuisine: South Indian
Area: Basavanagudi, also has other branches
Mavalli Tiffin Room is another one of Bengaluru’s historic restaurants. A meal here will not just satiate those hunger pangs; it will also whet your cultural appetite. The eatery has been in business for close to a century and is very much part of the city’s legacy, with many of Bengaluru’s inhabitants having dined here since their childhood. It isn’t uncommon to find families, keeping up the tradition, with grandparents and their grandkids having celebratory meals here. Renowned for their mouth-watering South Indian delicacies the restaurant draws huge crowd from across the city. It is especially popular for breakfast, with many joggers and walkers dropping in from the famous Lalbaugh Park, the very first MTR is just next door. While here, give your taste buds a sample of their mouth-watering Masala Dosas, Uppittu, and Rasam.

4. 1947

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese
Area: Jayanagar other branches as well
1947 is perfect for anyone looking for a good fine-dining experience, with its understated décor and independence era theme. The restaurant specializes in North Indian cuisine, but it’s not the standard fare. They serve a delicious combination of traditional and modern dishes that are a treat for the taste buds, whether or not you are a vegetarian. The elegance of the restaurant makes it perfect for formal dates or business meetings. If you’re dining here, make sure to try out their Malai Seekh Kabab, Tava Pulao, and sweets like Gulab Jamuns and others.

5. Kesariya

Cuisine: Rajasthani
Area: JP Nagar
If you are ever on the lookout for a royal dining experience, then Kesariya is the place to visit. As soon as you enter the restaurant you will be pleasantly overwhelmed with the grandeur of the place, with its carved arches, rich tapestry, and plush flooring. The ambience of Kesariya will raise your expectations, but you won’t be disappointed once you start to dig in. Their Rajasthani cuisine is out of this world and your non-vegetarian friends will also find themselves salivating with the sight and smells of the food. Their Rajasthani Thali is obviously the most popular dish, but also try out their Paneer Pakodas and Masala Chaas.

6. Imli

Cuisine: North Indian
Area: Indiranagar
Imli is attractive and inviting from the outside and once you enter you won’t be let down. Easy to miss, but hard to forget, the quaint little restaurant is tucked away in one of Indiranagar’s labyrinthine lanes. The atmosphere inside is warm and homely, in keeping with its delightful exteriors. Strangely enough, the food also blends perfectly with the ambience, as it is delicious and yet has a very home-cooked taste to it. Imli is the perfect place to have a lazy lunch or dinner. Some of their notable dishes include the Cheese Makkai Balls, Kadhi Pakoda, Paneer Bhurji, and lots more.

7. The Yogisthaan Café

Cuisine: Healthy Food
Area: Indiranagar
Yogisthaan Café is a haven for fitness-enthusiasts who are also foodies. This is a café with a difference, as they specialize in healthy foods, as opposed to the oil-soaked and sugar-rich donuts or bagels that you will find at most bakeries and cafes. They only serve meals that are prepared with organic ingredients, ensuring that every bite here isn’t just tasty, but also nourishing. This yoga café is also the perfect place to unwind, with its unconventionally cool and laidback atmosphere. If you do drop in Yogisthaan Café, make sure to try their Parathas and interestingly named Salads, Sandwiches, and Burgers. The café is also a part of the Yogisthaan yoga studio, so you can even sign up for a basic yoga session with Cleartrip Activities, if you’re thinking of dropping in.

8. Konark

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Continental, South Indian, Street Food
Area: Residency Road/ Commercial Street/ Lavelle Road
Konark is probably the most famous eating place on Residency Road, with a reputation for exquisite meals that spans across decades. Their menu is expansive, including a wide range of cuisines, from your standard Indian dishes, to Chinese, and continental food. The restaurant is known for both its quality and quantity, while it is also easy on your wallet. When you visit Konark make it a point to try out their South Indian cuisine, as well as other delicacies like their Veg Kadai, Fried Wontons, Pasta in Pink Sauce, Ginger Mushroom Rice, and lots more. Konark also has 2 other outlets in the city at Commercial Street and Lavelle Road.

9. Rasovara The Royal Kitchen

Cuisine: Rajasthani, North Indian
Area: Lavelle Road
Thali meals have grown in popularity over the years, with joints serving such food mushrooming across the city.One such joint is Rasovara ‘The Royal Kitchen’. It does live up to its name and takes fine-dining to a whole new level. Diners at this restaurant can expect to be pampered with some mouth-watering delicacies and outstanding service. The chefs over here are always cooking up something new and they promise that no dish will be repeated within the same month. Their cuisine includes Rajasthani, Gujarati, and other North Indian dishes. Some of the delicacies that you should treat yourself to at Rasovara include their Kadhi Muthiya, Ragda Pattice, and Gujarati Kadhi, among many others.

10. Sattvam

Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian
Area: Sadashiv Nagar
Sattvam offers a mixed fare with both North and South Indian food, as do many other restaurants in the city, but it does so with a difference. Its cuisine is prepared according to strict Sattvik dietary guidelines and the food here contains no caffeine, mushrooms, onions or garlic. If you are a non-vegetarian you may shudder at the thought of even greater restrictions on the ingredients, but once you dig in you won’t notice there’s anything missing. Sattvam delivers quality vegetarian food, without any compromise on taste. The Samose ki Sabzi, Veg Biryani, and Grilled Pannier are among the most popular items on the menu, but there’s lots more.

So, drag your non-vegetarian friends along and watch them relish food that they previously thought impossible. There’s a good chance that they will be the ones who want to keep coming back for more!