10 Unusual Gifts She Would Love to Get for Valentine’s Day

This year, don’t go for cliché, tried-and-tested gifts; instead, find something inspired from our list of unusual Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

1. Compose a Song

For those of you with musical talent, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to showcase your skills for the one you love. If you put your heart and soul into it and compose a song especially for her, it will mean a lot more than an expensive watch or handbag. Besides, you just might compose the next big hit! Don’t hold back. Discover your inner musician and let your love be the muse for your composition. This will be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can give your special lady. After all, how many women can claim that they had a love song composed just for them? 

2. Design a Treasure Hunt

Design a stimulating treasure hunt for your significant other this Valentine’s Day. Write a series of love notes, with clues that lead to one of your favorite hangouts or to a surprise gift. Hide them in different places, such as under the bed, on the fridge door and in her work bag. You could even include locations that are memorable to her, as well as important to the two of you as a couple. Put on your thinking cap and plan the route and clues carefully. Make sure that the messages and signs on your notes are challenging enough to keep her intrigued, but not so difficult as to be indecipherable. You can end with a great finale that leads her to the place where you first met. This will ensure that your Valentine’s Day is like no other.  

3. Design a Personalized Coupon Booklet

Shopping coupons are popular because of the discounts and special offers that they provide, but you can reinvent the concept to make this Valentine’s Day special. Get creative and gift your lady love a coupon booklet that grants her special privileges. From doing the laundry for a week to making dinner one evening, there are a range of household chores you could offer to take up. Your booklet could also include activities like a massage, a picnic, or a bubble bath. What’s great about this idea is that it’s a gift that literally keeps giving, as she can redeem the coupons anytime she likes! You can be sure that the warmth and love of this Valentine’s Day will linger long after the day has passed.

4. Discover Your Artistic Flair

Nothing can be more flattering to a woman than to be the inspiration for creative genius. Express your creative streak by making a special work of art and turning it into a unique Valentine’s Day gift. It doesn”t matter whether you try your hand at sculpture, pottery, painting, or glasswork; what matters is the emotion you want to convey. While you may not be a Michelangelo or a Picasso, your effort will be appreciated. Of all the gifts you have given her, this will be the one that she displays with most pride!

5. Motivate her with an Inspirational Calendar

Create a calendar with motivational quotes to help her achieve her goals and stay focused. These should be specific to her aims and resolutions for the year, as an expression of your love and support. It is always hard to live up to our own personal expectations, but the task can become a lot easier if your beloved expresses faith in you. Show her that you believe in her ability to achieve every goal, by gifting her a personalized calendar of motivational quotes this Valentine’s Day. 

6. Indulge her Senses

This Valentine’s Day, gift your beloved a hamper containing something that appeals to each of her five senses. This customized care package could include scented candles, skincare products, her favorite snacks, a mixed tape with special songs and a digital photo-frame. Personalize each item, keeping her specific preferences in mind.  

7. Put Her on the Cover of a Magazine

Create a customized magazine with her image on the cover and fill it up with stories, memories and images from your relationship. With this Valentine’s Day gift, you will show her how she is the superstar of your universe! In addition to flattering photographs, you could also include romantic anecdotes and fun couple games. This Valentine’s gift will certainly be the most cherished possession on her bookshelf. 

8. Unleash Her Hidden Talent

Help your lady love discover her inner potential. Cleartrip offers a range of activities, spanning canvas painting, dancing, acting, cooking, and much more. Select one that either aligns with her interests or opens up a previously unexplored avenue. You could even go a step further and enroll along with her to turn this into an unmatchable bonding experience. This could be the year that she discovers her true potential, making this Valentine’s Day gift potentially life-changing!  

9. Recreate Your First Date

This Valentine’s Day, don’t strive for reservations at the trendiest new club in town. Instead, recreate your first date. Relationships aren’t easy to sustain, and after years of ups and downs, there’s no better way to rekindle the romance and show that your feelings are unchanged. Plan the date down to every meticulous detail and you will recreate the heady rush of the love that you first shared all those years ago.  

10. Start Your Own Travel Blog

If you and your better half are globe-trotters, you have probably gathered quite a collection of photographs and memories. Don’t allow these to gather dust in a forgotten corner of a drawer. This Valentine’s Day, refresh your memory and dig into those picture archives to create your very own travel blog. This could be a record of all your travels as a couple. Update it as you continue exploring the world. This is a great way to save those precious memories and to reminisce over them together.

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