10 Perfect Travel-Related Gifts for Raksha Bandhan

The brother-sister bond is a special one in India. Every August, Indian sisters tie a rakhi around their brother’s wrist, and he promises to protect her always. The fun part comes next: gifting! Formerly,  the sisters who be the only ones to receive a gift; today, gifts are swapped between both parties. Read on to find out perfect travel-related gifts for Raksha Bandhan that you can present to your sibling this year.

1. Gift your sibling a holiday

Gift your sibling a holiday! It’s a great stress-buster and an awesome way to take a break from work. Depending on their personality, book an all-expenses-paid solo trip for them. Does your brother like to meditate? Or perhaps your sisters are a bunch of adventure junkies? Whatever their fancy, you may choose from a plethora of options within India and abroad, depending on your budget. You can even go the extra mile, and take care of all their commitments while they’re away!

2. Give your sister a trip with a women’s travel club

Signing up your sister for a membership at a women’s travel club is a great idea if she has always wanted to travel but doesn’t want to go solo. A travel club will ensure that whenever the right opportunity comes, she can head out without worrying about having to find a set of travel companions. Women’s travel clubs are safe and organize thematic trips, which make it more likely that she will find a group of like-minded women to have a good time with. You have the option of signing her up for a trip or a lifetime membership!

3. Take a sibling trip together

Our brothers and sisters were the first friends we ever made! Our busy lifestyle doesn’t leave us with enough time to spend with them. We go from sharing a room to exchanging a few words every day. Break the monotony and rediscover your sibling bond this Raksha Bandhan with a trip to fun place. It will be like reliving your childhood but in a grown-up way—that’s even more exciting!

4. Create a travel accessory package

Creating a travel accessory kit is a fun way to encourage your sibling to travel more. Decide a budget and fill the kit with a polaroid camera, compass, diary, emergency first-aid, stylish eye masks, lip balm, sunglasses, and whatever else you think your sibling will need for a great holiday. The possibilities are endless!

5. Decorate a travel diary for them to fill up each time they go on vacation

Decorate a travel diary. Because, what good is a holiday if you can’t store the memories someplace nice! Of course, we all love clicking photographs but a travel diary—especially one that has been hand-crafted by a sibling—is extra cute. Make sections for different types of holidays, food, and even “looks for the day” pages. This gift is one that’s definitely going to encourage your sibling to travel more!

6. Sign them up for a hobby-centric vacation

A thematic or hobby-related vacation is a sure-shot way to ensure that your sibling will enjoy their time off. Do they like golf? Sign them up for a vacation at various luxury gold resorts in the country. Are they connoisseurs of the arts? Send them on a vacation in Gujarat’s cultural centre or the village of Auroville in Pondicherry. If they crave a regular dose of adventure, a white-water rafting trip in the Ganges is the perfect gift!

7. Book a treasure hunt trip for them

This is an off-beat idea. While growing up, you’ve probably had several inside jokes and special moments. Relive these moments by organizing a treasure hunt trip for your sibling. Choose a destination you frequented as children and leave clues that resonate with those special moments from your childhood. This is the perfect way to show how much you’ve always cared.

8. Book a Raksha Bandhan staycation for them at a city hotel

Booking a Raksha Bandhan staycation for your sibling is a great idea for many reasons. One: it lets them unwind not too far from home. Two: it fits in a tight schedule that has only a day or two to spare. Three: you can join them easily if you get free! Several hotels in India offer Raksha Bandhan packages that prove to be cost-effective and include fun activities. You may add a spa treatment to the package. Everyone needs some time to relax, and this is the perfect time to give them that much-needed break.

9. Relive the Raksha Bandhan story by visiting the historical locations in India

There are several stories associated with the origins of Raksha Bandhan. Many of these are rooted in mythology while some have ties to history. We’ve all heard the story of how Rani Karnavati famously sent a rakhi to Emperor Humayun, asking for his help and protection to battle the forces of Bahadur Shah. Relive this story with your sibling by touring Rajasthan’s Mewar area where you can explore places like Udaipur, Bhilwara, and Chittorgarh.

10. Take a Dil Dhadakne Do-styled cruise vacation

Recently, cruise holidays have gained popularity owing to films like Dil Dhadakne Do. The film portrays several relationships, of which the one between a brother and sister forms one of the major pivots of the story. Get inspired by the Mehras, and head on your own cruise vacation—choose Europe, the Far East or even Alaska—and celebrate your bond just like Kabir and Ayesha. PS: you can take the rest of the family, but only if you want!

Now that you have so many travel-related gift ideas for this Raksha Bandhan, there’s no reason for you to deprive your sibling of a great time. This list takes care of those with more than one sibling too. The main purpose is to thank your sibling for all the support and unconditional love they have offered you all these years. For the perfect holiday, book hotels hassle-free on the Cleartrip app and avail great deals!