10 Interesting Places to Visit with Your Twin

Twins, whether identical or fraternal, have always been the object of much fascination and curiosity. From twin genes to specific diets, over time, many reasons have been stated for the phenomenon of twin births. While the reasons may be elusive, there is no denying that twins are, indeed, quite special.
Twins are also often known to share a unique bond with each other and here’s your chance to celebrate this exceptional relationship. Visit these intriguing, twin-friendly places across the world with your alter ego.

1. Benin, West Africa

This small West African country, surrounded by Nigeria and Burkina Faso, is renowned for the highest birth rate of twins in the world, with 27.9 twins born per 1,000 births. Apart from this interesting statistic, Benin also promises you a memorable travel experience with your twin. Visit its pristine beaches and admire its elegant cathedrals at Cotonou. Discover the royal palaces in Aborney and Porto Novo or explore wildlife at the Pendjari and W National Parks.

2. Igbo-Ora, Nigeria

Igbo-Ora is a sleepy town in Nigeria, with little historical or commercial significance. Its only claim to fame is the small farming community of the Yoruba people. 50 out of every 1,000 births bring twins to this town. It also boasts of one of the highest rates of birth of identical twins. No wonder then, that the welcome sign to Igbo-Ora calls it ‘The Nation’s Home of Twins’. Many researchers have attributed this to a certain type of yam that is cultivated and consumed here. See it to believe it on your Nigerian sibling sojourn.

3. Cândido Godói, Brazil

The Brazilian town of Cândido Godói has been nicknamed ‘Terra dos Gemeos’, which means ‘Land of Twins’. This is indeed a fitting sobriquet as more than one out of the 10 pregnancies here result in twins or multiple births. These births are especially concentrated among a small local community of German descent who are believed to have the ‘twinning gene’.

4. Kodinhi, India

If you don’t wish to travel too far, you can head to India’s very own Twin Town, Kodinhi. Situated in Kerala, this small village is home to more than 200 pairs of twins, with the average twin birth rate being 35-45 per 1000 births. The numbers are even more intriguing when compared to the fairly low rate of multiple births across the rest of the country. Well, it is surely one place where your twin and you will not be met with too many curious stares.

5. Nagpur, India

Showcase your distinctive style and twin glam in another Indian city; Nagpur, Maharashtra, hosts a twins-only fashion show every alternate year. Twins of all ages and from different regions of the country may be seen walking the ramp, donning stylish outfits.

6. Twinsburg, USA

Given how special twin and multiple births are, why not celebrate these exceptional lives? Well, that certainly seems to be the idea behind Twinsburg, where this celebration begins in the name of the town itself. Situated in USA’s Ohio, this town hosts the Twins Day Festival during the first weekend of August every year. Save the date in your calendar, set out with your twin to participate in one of the many contests held here and rejoice in your extraordinary birth.

7. Carrickmacross, Ireland

Ireland’s Carrickmacross also hosts an annual Twins Parade, not only for twins but also for triplets or other people of multiple births. Here, you can use your special birth to aid a noble cause. More than 500 pairs of twins of various ages walk through the city towards the square in order to raise funds for charity. Join them to make the world a better place.

8. Twins Plus Festival, Australia

From exquisite beaches and mesmerizing coral reefs to enchanting natural landscapes and equally charming cities, Australia is indeed one of the best travel destinations in the world. The Twins Plus Festival gives you yet another reason to visit. Organized by the Australian Twin Registry and Australian Multiple Birth Association, the gala is held at a different city of Australia in the month of March every three years. Participate in the various competitions, win awards, and spend a fun-filled day with your twin.

9. Hawaii, USA

One of the state laws of Hawaii prohibits twins from working for the same employer. Well, it certainly saves you from the inconvenience of being mistaken for your sibling at the workplace. And as there are no laws against enjoying the glorious beaches and splendid landscapes of Hawaii with your twin, you can have all the fun you wish, without being bothered about work. So, why not add Hawaii to your twin-travel itinerary?

10. Moscow, Russia

However, if you do wish to work at the same place as your twin, head to Moscow. Here, a restaurant aptly named ‘Twin Stars’, only employs twins! Even if you simply stop by for a meal with your twin during your trip to Moscow, it could turn out to be a rather fun evening. In its own way, this unique eatery is perhaps as fascinating as some of Moscow’s prime attractions like the Kremlin or the Assumption Cathedral.

These amazing destinations are sure to make you feel even more special while strengthening your bond with your twin. Set out together to leave your mark on these fascinating destinations across the world.