10 Great Places to go Monsoon Trekking from Mumbai

The majestic misty hills, the dense forests, the verdant landscapes are calling out to you, beckoning you to quench your thirst for wanderlust this monsoon. In the city of Mumbai, the season makes its presence felt through heavy downpours, traffic jams, and pandemonium. Escape the chaotic city life and explore scenic locations in and around Mumbai. After all, the monsoons have further beautified them for trekkers like you! Here are 10 beautiful locations that deserve a trekking adventure this monsoon.

1. Mahuli Fort

This is the perfect destination for trekkers in search of solace. The Mahuli Fort is located on a secluded hill on the western side of the majestic Sahyadri range of mountains. During the monsoon, trekkers may witness misty clouds crowding the pinnacles and lush green forests covering the surrounding landscapes. The trees grow to cover the ridge heights right from the ground; don”t miss this view on your way to the plateau. This scenic location is just 92 kms from Mumbai.

2. Tungareshwar

A dense plateau located between Virar and Vasai, Tungareshwar is replete with thick forests and pleasing vistas. The monsoon magic transforms thebrown woods into a fertile green landscape. Dried waterfall trails come alive to delight trekkers and nature enthusiasts alike. An offbeat route via Virar proffers an uphill climb and a long (12 km) trail. An ideal monsoon spot, Tungareshwar and its tranquil woodlands are a perfect escape for trekkers.

3. Kanheri Caves

Amidst the chaos of Mumbai city, nature enthusiasts may seek solitude at the ancient Kanheri caves hidden deep within the Sanjay Gandhi National Park inBorivali. These caves were chiseled out of a massive basaltic rock and are adorned with beautiful Buddhist artwork. The enthralling trek would involve climbing uphill and navigating through a beautiful forest terrain. The soothing silence of this ancient architectural marvel and the song of the rains is just what you need after an arduous trek. This magnificent trail not only satisfies your trekking desires but also inspires you with its artistic majesty.

4. Karnala Fort

If you are looking for a short, relaxing trek, head to Karnala Fort. Located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, the fort is 125 feet high and is known for its thumb-like shape. A fort of great strategic importance, Karnala is famous for Pandu’s Tower Pillar and the bird sanctuary that surrounds it. The trail is enriched by flowing waterfalls and green forests in the monsoon and offers a panoramic view of the Sahyadri range. The fort is located 10 kilometers from Panvel Station and offers a rejuvenating three-hour trekking experience.

5. Dhak Bhairi

This trail presents a challenging yet exciting trek for adventure-seekers. It starts from the base village of Sandshi in the Raigad District and culminates at the beautiful fort and caves of Dhak Bhairi. The thrilling part of this trek is to the cliff called Kalakrai, situated next to the fort. The uphill trail comprises a rocky patch with a 70-degree gradient. Trekkers need to use rope or bamboo staffs to make the climb. The trek leads to two hidden caves that offer a panoramic view of various historic forts in the Sahyadri range.

6. Rajmachi Fort

Steeped in history, the Rajmachi fort is strategically located amidst the Sahyadri range and overlooks the magnificent backwaters of the Shirota Dam. Located at a height of 2,710 feet, this historic fortress was built to guard the historical trade route of Borghat. It offers a comparatively easy trek and may be approached via Karjat or Lonavala. Both routes are surrounded by lush green forests and magnificent valleys.

7. Lohagad Fort

Enveloped in green moss and misty clouds, the Lohagad fortress is certainly worth a visit during the monsoon season. Enriched with historic relevance, this ancient structure was of great significance to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj during battles. A splendid one-day trek, it offers a fantastic view of the Pavana Dam. During the monsoon, the trails up to the fort are slippery, proving quite an adventure. The entrance to the fortress welcomes trekkers with strong gusts at Wind Spot. Less than 100 kms away from Mumbai, Lohagad is a beautiful getaway posing a perfect blend of history andadventure.

8. Korigad

Amongst many of the medieval forts and ancient structures in the Sahyadri range, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had also seized the historic Korigad fort, located 20 kilometers to the south of Lonavala. This ancient fortress was witness to several battles between the British and Maratha armies, and represents a victorious conquest for the latter.
Overlooking dense forests and deep valleys, the Korigad fort stands proudly 923 meters above sea level. The main attractions of this fort are the ruins, war cannons and two caves with large ponds within. A trek to Korigad is an enthralling experience, with two routes that take trekkers up to the summit. The easier route consists of 100 steps whereas the other one is shorter but trickier with dense forests and slippery spots.

9. Harishchandragad

Harishchandragad is the perfect paradise for all enthusiasts looking for rappelling, rock climbing and valley crossing within one trip. At a daunting height of 4,665 feet, this fortress is 90 kilometers away from Kalyan in the Malshej Ghat region. It may be reached after a two-day trek. Challenging yet rewarding, this experience will surely give all trekkers an adrenaline rush. Many also choose to camp overnight within caves at this location.

10. Tikona Fort

The trek to Tikona Fort is an enjoyable option for beginners. The fort is on top of a 3,500 foot-hill and provides a panoramic view of the entire region and neighboring forts. It derives its name from the triangular shape of the hill on which it is located. This location in the Kamshet region is a quick getaway and a perfect first-time experience for novice trekkers to appreciate Mother Nature.

This monsoon, embrace your adventurous side and experience the tranquility in these magnificent locations. Give yourself a break from the bustling city, and trek till you find what you’re looking for. Book hotels in Mumbai to get best experiences.