10 Fun Activities to do Together this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we bring you ten fun activities, so that you don’t have to settle for boring conventional ideas.

1. Compete on a Gaming Console

Gaming consoles like the Xbox, PS2 and PS3 are hugely entertaining and can be tremendous fun, even if you are not a serious gamer. If your spouse is into gaming, just keep an open mind and give it a try. If both of you like gaming, choose a blend of games and gaming styles that you can enjoy together. This can be one of the most rewarding experiences and it will bring the two of you closer than chocolate-covered strawberries or cheese fondue ever could. If your gaming tastes sync perfectly, you will have no trouble picking a game! While games like Need for Speed, FIFA, and Mortal Combat are all-time favorites, couples who can’t bear to be on opposite sides could try out co-op games like some of the Harry Potter series and Splinter Cell, among others. There is nothing like a gaming marathon to make you feel like a teenager again, so relive that adolescent romance this Valentine’s Day.

2. Create A Holiday At Home

Money can’t buy you love, and you certainly don’t need a whole lot of it to enjoy an extra-special Valentine’s Day celebration! A holiday at home can be a lot more personal and intimate, as compared to the most lavish celebration at a luxury resort. This year, share in the fantasy of an exotic and romantic holiday instead, recreating the ambience and atmosphere at home. Bring out a hammock and set up an inflatable pool to soak in, imagining you’re in the Bahamas, or set the air conditioning down to its lowest and cuddle together under a blanket, envisioning the Swiss Alps. The real deal often doesn’t live up to our wild imaginations, so this Valentine’s Day, enjoy a holiday in your own make-believe world, where everything is as awesome as you imagine it to be!

3. Build a New Lego Masterpiece

Not long ago, building Lego models was looked upon as an activity for kids and geeks. Today, it is looked upon as a challenging, creative, and incredibly exciting activity. Creating your own Lego universe could be one of the most stimulating and fun activities to share in this Valentine’s Day. So, get out the blocks and start building your very own Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower! Don’t forget, it’s not about the masterpiece you create, but the fun you have building it together.

4. Invent your Own Game of Cards

This activity might not be ideal for couples who are serious card players and expect a challenging game of rummy or poker, but you never can tell. If you get into the spirit of things and just have fun, you could land up inventing the next big card game! For couples less serious about cards, this is just another way to have a whole lot of fun, doing something together. Card games are always enjoyable, whether you are playing Go Fish, Snap, Donkey, or Cheat-and-Challenge. This Valentine’s Day, spice things up a bit, by inventing your own game, drawing up your own list of rules and objectives. You can keep experimenting and adding new rules or modifying the existing ones as you go along. There’s a good chance that you will love your game so much that it will become part of your own Valentine tradition.

5. Play the Tourist

Another novel way to spend this Valentine’s Day would be by playing the part of tourists; out-of-towners who are wowed by the sights and sounds of the big city! This is your opportunity to pretend to be naïve, act practically insane, and all-in-all make each other laugh and have a good time, while exploring the city together. You can plan your itinerary for the day to include sites and locations that have been important to you as a couple, such as the place where the two of you first met, where you had your first date, and other significant spots around the city. Each of you could even take turns acting as the tour guide at each spot, discussing its significance. By the end of the day, you will have had one of the most satisfying and romantic Valentine’s Day experiences ever. 

6. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

We’ve all heard the story of boy meeting girl at a doggy park, and falling in love over their shared passion of furry friends. If you and your sweetheart turn to mush at the very sight of cute cats and dogs, this is the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Volunteer at an animal shelter in your neighborhood and spend time with animals, who could do with some love and care. Volunteering is extremely rewarding and it helps serve a noble cause. There is scarcely a feeling that rivals the joys of sharing a bond with an animal, and it’s even more special when it includes your significant other.

7. Have a Double-Date

For most couples, Valentine’s Day celebrations typically imply plenty of alone time to reconnect and relax. For couples who are more sociable and love to share their joy with close friends, a double-date is always a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day – it can literally be twice the fun! If there is any couple that you love hanging out with, make plans for a joint celebration this year. You could chat, gossip, play video games or board games, watch movies, and have a blast together.

8. Battle it Out for Love

Whether you are a happily married couple or just fell in love, some healthy competition always helps to spice things up. Few gaming activities are as competitive or as enjoyable as laser-tag and paintball, so this Valentine’s Day prepare to battle it out! Cleartrip Activities offers a list of venues that host such gaming events . So, put on the war paint and fight it out, either as opponents or as a team against other players.

9. Play a Mystery Game

This Valentine’s Day bring out your inner sleuth and solve mysteries or perpetrate the perfect bank heist. Mystery games are perfect for couples who love to use their powers of deduction, especially if you normally find yourself making predictions while watching whodunits. Test your skills in a battle of wits, with mystery gaming events organized by Cleartrip Activities. You will find a whole range of such activities that promise mental stimulation and loads of fun. 

10. Write a Story Together

If the two of you often ponder upon alternate endings to movies and books, and come up with plots that seem even better, why not bounce those ideas off each other and come up with your own story? Writing your own tale can be liberating and incredibly fun. It gives you the chance to connect mentally, channeling your creative vision into a single endeavor. This Valentine’s Day, inspire, challenge, and motivate each other to create a masterpiece.

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When you share in the experience, you will be surprised at how much fun you’re having and how much closer you feel as a couple.