10 Best places for Solo Women travellers in India

Are you an independent-minded girl aspiring to see the world? Are you someone who doesn’t let the absence of a companion dampen your free spirit? If you’ve nodded to these questions in your mind, then we have a treat in store for you, with our list of top 10 destinations in India that promise to give you a taste of freedom, independence, and fun. What’s even better – these places are also regarded to be safe for solo women travelers. Although the idea of women traveling alone may be frowned upon in certain conservative societies, as times are progressing, the idea is gradually finding its ground in India. Traveling solo not only helps re-discover yourself, it also makes you stronger and more self-reliant than ever. Discover the beauty, diversity, richness and warmth of different places, people, and culture, as you give wings to the explorer within you.

1. Nainital

Located in the unspoilt valleys of Uttarakhand, Nainital is a little piece of heaven on earth. The breathtaking sights coupled with its grandeur, makes it a must-visit especially if you want to experience tranquillity. Being one of Bollywood’s favourite shooting destinations, Nainital also has awonderful climate and wildlife. The residents here are friendly and helpful, and there’s no reason why Nainital shouldn’t be in the travel list of solo women travellers.
The best time to visit is from March to June. Some of the must-visit places here include Corbett National Park, Snow Point, Nanda Devi Temple, China Peak, Cave Garden, and Pangot. What’s more, you can also trek to China Peak, or explore the place on horseback, enjoy a cable car ride to Snow view, and much more. And when hunger strikes, Sonam’s is the place for some delectable food. The closest airport is Pantnagar. Find the best deals on hotels here.

2. Mysore

Mysore, the cultural hub of Karnataka, is flocked by visitors across the world and is one of the safest places in India for women. Popularly known as the city of palaces, Mysore, offers a closer look at Indian culture and history. The very renowned and magnificent ‘Mysore Palace’ is a sight to behold. People around are helpful, welcoming and not pushy and nosy on tourists, making it safe for solo women explorers. Mysore has a lot in store for shoppers, from premium and authentic sandalwood to silk sarees, incense, and the irresistible Mysore pak sweet. If you are a Yoga enthusiast, make sure to visit some of its Ayurveda and rejuvenation centres. The city has a pleasant climate throughout the year, but it’s still ideal to visit between October and February.
Don’t forget to visit the Brindavan Gardens & Krishna Raja Sagar Dam, Chamundi Hills, and the Ranganathanswamy Temple. Find your best stay now!

3. Udaipur

The city of colours and lakes, Udaipur, offers the true essence of Rajasthan’s heritage and culture. In the evening this city comes alive with new colours, seemingly painted out of a fairy tale book. Every corner of the city exudes friendly and welcoming vibes, making it clearly safe and comfortable for women solo visitors. If you love being pampered with warm hospitality and wish to enjoy the view of clear blue lakes, then Udaipur is the place for you. Situated at an altitude of 598 m above sea level, this region has a hot and humid climate. The best time to visit is between September to March. Don’t miss the Lake Palace, City Palace, Saheliyo ki Bari and Jag Mandir, Lake Pichola, Ahar Museum, Sajjan Garh, Bagore ki Haveli, Sunset Point & Machla Magra, Fateh Sagar Lake, and the Jagdish Temple.
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4. Hampi

Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, the comforting village of Hampi will take you back to the good old days when technology hadn’t taken charge of our lives. Hampi offers a carnival of carvings for those who are fascinated by architecture. Experience a welcome break here, away from the city’s hustle-bustle. The accommodation here is affordable and you can expect to encounter friendly, well-cultured, open-minded people. Between March and May, the village transforms itself into a lush green paradise. The Hampi Bazaar is sure to keep you on your feet for several hours as you soak in the culture and lay your hands on an array of attractive items. Don’t miss the scenic sunset from Matanga Hill. If you’re an adventurer, then there’s rock climbing in store for you. Some of the best sites include Vittala Temple, Virupaksha Temple, Zenana Enclosure, Queen’s Bath and Royal Centre.Get best options for Hotels here!

5. Puducherry

If you want to feel what France is like, head straight to the French town of India – Puducherry. Formerly known as Pondicherry, this place has a typical French atmosphere with progressive-minded locals, making it a must-visit destination for solo women travellers. The people here are not nosy and mind their own business, leaving you free to explore the neatly planned Union Territory. Its quaintly-cobbled streets and French colonial-style houses add to its charm. Enjoy the beach views especially during October to February. Puducherry also offers an experience in Internal Yoga at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. You can also enjoy ‘me-time’ having detox sessions, a Varna point massage or avail skin revitalizing treatment at the Ayurveda Holistic Healing Centre. Explore the outdoors with a visit to the Puducherry Museum, the botanical garden, and several of its churches. Choose from a wide selection of Hotels in Puducherry.

6. Coorg

Coorg has a Scotland-like feel to itself, and for all the right reasons, it’s called the ‘Scotland of India’. It is regarded as the most affluent hill station of Karnataka, and has stunning and exotic scenery. Amidst its sleepy atmosphere, breathe in the awakening aroma of coffee wafting across its coffee plantations, and feel refreshed catching a glimpse of its waterfalls. The pastoral hill views, plantations, and adventure sports, make Coorg a must-visit destination.
This place is evergreen and pleasant throughout the year. Water sports are best enjoyed between October and March. While you’re there, you can trek to the Abbey and the jungle, walk along the Buddha’s footprints, do some rafting in the waters of the Cauvery, watch the sunset, visit its golden temple, and the Dubare Elephant Camp. Book your stay in and around Coorg.

7. Sikkim

Sikkim can blow your mind with its snow-clad mountains, lush valleys, and glacial rivers that seem to stand still in time. If you enjoy the cold and have a penchant to interact with warm-hearted people, this place should be on top of your list. Over 80% of the mountains around this place are uninhabited, lending a new dimension to the peace and serenity of its surroundings. Buddhist monasteries and Hindu shrines make the vibes of this place positive and refreshing. Sikkim is also a trekkers’ paradise. The best time to visit is usually from March to June.
Some of the attractions that will make your trip memorable include Hot water springs, Nathula Pass, Pelling, Lachung, Tsomgo Lake and Yuksom.
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8. Shillong

Shillong is one of the smallest states in India, and commonly referred to as ‘The Adobe of the Clouds’. Experience what it feels like to be on cloud nine, as you walk through its misty clouds! Shillong is a matriarchal society, and the locals are particularly jovial and friendly, making it friendly for solo women travellers. Glacial lakes, imposing mountains, clear waterfalls, and the beauty of this place are simply worth seeing in person.
Shillong is also referred to as the music capital of India. The best time to visit is during the months of October and November, and March and April. Make sure to visit the Air Force Museum, Phan Nonglait Park, Mattilang Amusement Park, Lady Hydari Park, and Shillong peak. Book your Shillong Hotel in advance and save big!

9. Dharamshala

Situated at an altitude of almost 1,500 meters above sea level, Dharamshala is home to the holy Dalai Lama and several Buddhist monasteries. This picturesque hill station, with its unique blend of British and Tibetan culture has a very calming and peaceful aura. It’s a bustling place with over 35,000 residents who are humble and helpful. The spiritually inclined can also immerse themselves in various spiritual courses. Even if you’re not particularly spiritual, your trip to Dharamshala can bear a lasting influence on your life.
One of the prominent Buddhist shrines, the Namgyal Monastery, is located here.
Make sure to visit the Dal Lake, the Tibet Museum, Kangra Valley, Kareri Lake, and the Nanddi Hill Point. Dharamshala can be visited anytime between late February and March when the Losar Festival takes place. This marks the beginning of the Tibetan New Year and is accompanied by fairs. Read genuine reviews and Book Hotel in Dharamshala online.

10. Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley is the one of the most frequented solo travel places in India. Revive your mind, body, and soul, and feel alive at this unspoilt place sprawling with vast rice fields and pine trees that dot its hills. Located at 1,500 m above sea level, Ziro Valley has lush green scenery, dense forests and a natural kaleidoscope of colours that are best captured by the human eye. A visit to the Talley Valley wildlife sanctuary will leave you awestruck, gazing at some of the endangered species of animals here amidst the bamboo, ferns, firs and orchids. The best time to visit this place is between April to June. Some more attractions that will leave you enthralled include Hong, Hija, Hari, Bamin, Tarin Fish Farm, Tapyo Salt, Dolo Mando, Dilopolyang, and Shiva Lingam at Kardo Forest.

These destinations have a mesmerising effect on the mind that will make you forget you are alone. Deep within you, you will discover that part of you that was less expressed and waiting to be liberated.