10 Best Experiences for Football Fans

If you love the beautiful game, consider this as your bucket-list:

1. Homage to English soccer

A name that resonates with rock fans and soccer fans equally, this is regarded by many as the home of soccer. With its iconic twin towers that once trumpeted the glory of English soccer, this stadium has hosted England’s glorious 1966 World Cup final victory and more European Cup finals than any other stadium. From the memorable Live Aid Concert in 1985 to FCB’s stunning 2011 UEFA victory, this address has seen it all. Take a tour that includes a visit to the Royal Box and hold the FA Cup in your hands. Check out the list of flights to London and plan your trip beforehand. Don”t forget to carry your camera along to click the pictures of iconic locations in London related football and soccer.

2. Tribute to soccer’s brightest star

A soccer player so iconic, his country dedicates an entire museum in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal. Barely 30, Cristiano Ronaldo’s entire soccer career is commemorated here: all his trophies, medals and miscellaneous memorabilia, including the Ballon d’Or for being chosen 2009’s World’s Best Player, are on display. The museum has confirmed that it has space for more Ballon d’Or trophies. Just as well, as Ronaldo’s in contention again this year, with Franck Ribery and Lionel Messi. Check the list of Madeira hotels and plan your stay. Allocate a day to a visit to the museum and unravel some more facts about this great soccer player.

3. The hallowed grounds of World Cup history

Two of soccer’s greatest matches, seen a countless number of times on grainy footage, were played here: the Pele-led astounding 4-1 defeat of Italy in the 1970 World Cup final, and the equally mesmerising antics of Diego Maradona that led to Argentine victory over Germany in 1986. If you are lucky, you can catch a game here with the Azteca home-team being cheered on by 100,000 fans baying for opposition blood. So why not book into one of the comfortable Mexico Hotels. Invest a day or two to check the soccer tournaments and matches in the vicinity and be audience to one of the greatest games in the world.

4. The best venue outside of a stadium

A great game needs a great address to watch it from, and The George pub is as legendary as any football field for the soccer fan in London. Located at The Strand, this very classical Tudor-esque pub has been showing football live on TV ever since TV was invented. Always alive and brimming with jolly old soccer fans, tourists and locals, this pub offers a superb range of beers as fans take in the action from its four massive HD screens.

5. Where soccer is seen as Grand Theatre

In true, grand, theatrical Italian style, this stadium is named the La Scala of Soccer, where legendary matches have been played with the passion and drama worthy of any life-and-death saga of the Opera world. This is home to both, Inter and AC Milan, and was built for the exclusive purpose of soccer, without any athletic track circling the playing field. Even its design and lighting-placement was carefully crafted to provide the best views for all 80,000 soccer fans. Check out amenities and pricing in different San Siro hotels. It will then be easy to pick what suits your needs and affordability.

6. For the best insight into the game

Soccer has been an intrinsic part of England’s heritage, spirit and culture, and this museum delves into every detail of this great sport – past and present – to truly understand why it means so much to millions all over the globe. Open seven days a week, there are over 140,000 collectibles on display, and the museum regularly hosts exhibitions that bring to life the legendary stories that have made this sport so great. You can get photographed holding the iconic FA Cup, amongst other things. Go through the different Manchester Hotels and see what are the amenities and facilities they offer. It will help you select a good hotel before heading to the place.

7. Where soccer is taken very seriously

The serious Germans are very serious about soccer, and all this seriousness comes to life at Berlin’s Bar 11 on game nights. The décor is bohemian-chic with sculpted horse-heads strung up amid canvases of modern art, all elegantly lit by decadent chandeliers. The furniture comprises soft, comfy armchairs and sofas, which beats the hard benches of the stadium any day of the week. On a big game night, the house DJ is silenced out of respect for the sport. Book hotels in Berlin for a comfortable stay here. Take a few days to explore this beautiful city as a soccer lover.

8. North London’s finest soccer address

This pub is conveniently located a few minutes’ walk from the Emirates Stadium, making it a two-for-one pilgrimage for the die-hard soccer fan in game season. Its décor is tasteful and the hospitality has an edge on the other game-mad pubs in all of North London. An entire room is devoted to a projector screen on which you can watch sporting history being made as you sip fine ales and munch delicious burgers.

9. A monument dedicated to FC Barcelona

Apart from being the largest stadium in Europe and the 11th largest in the world, Camp Nou is a museum dedicated to the history of the iconic Football Club of Barcelona. Soccer fans will get a tour of the 100,000-seater stadium, the trophy room, changing rooms, press room, players’ tunnel, and the special Messi Area. There is also a multimedia experience that celebrates the best moments of Barca in the world of soccer. You have seen it all on TV; here’s your chance to walk every inch of those hallowed grounds. Check different options in Barcelona Hotels and pick a good hotel for stay. Comfortable stay will help you enjoy the remaining time knowing the history and facts regarding soccer.

10. Argentina’s soccer tours

Apart from delicious beef and the seductive tango, soccer is right up there on the list of Argentine pastimes and passions. There are several soccer tours to choose from, and each can be customised to your hectic schedule as well as likes and dislikes. They will organise tickets, transport to and from games, advise you on the teams, safety factors and, to top it all, they will love to engage in endless hours of soccer conversation with you. Be a part of one of these soccer tours. Book into any of the Buenos Aires Hotels that suits your need.

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