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Thoughtfully designed features and rewards to
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2% on flights for normal fares and
4% on Work fares   10% on hotels

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What is Cleartrip for Work?

Cleartrip for Work is an exclusive product for professionals who travel frequently, and have a registered GSTIN. Your GSTIN unlocks unlimited access to the benefits offered by Cleartrip for Work.

What are the benefits available with Cleartrip for Work?

When you book a Work fare, you unlock free flight modifications, complimentary meals on board, and nominal cancellation fees. Plus, cashback on your Work fare flights, and hotel bookings!

Is GSTIN mandatory to sign up for the product?

Yes, your GSTIN and your company name are mandatory to use Cleartrip for Work.

What happens if my documents are rejected?

On the off-chance that your documents are rejected, we will send you an email with the possible reasons why the document was declined, so you can upload the correct document(s).

Where is my cashback credited? How can I redeem it?

The cashback is credited to your Cleartrip Wallet immediately after you make a successful booking for flights, and after you complete check-in for hotels. Head over to the Wallet section of your Cleartrip account to see your balance. You can use this cashback for subsequent bookings, by selecting the Wallet option on the payment screen.

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