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Slum Tours

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Know Some Slum Facts While You Are On Slum Tours At Mumbai

Mumbai is the largest metropolitan city in India offering plethora of activities to its tourists. There are various facts associated with the city which attracts large number of tourists. Talking about the weather, the annual temperature range 15 degrees to 35 degrees C makes the place free from extreme weather conditions. Thus, throughout the year, the climatic condition remains moderate. The city boasts of a strong transportation system that consists of private cabs, taxis, local trains, and buses; and you can choose any based on your needs. The slum tours one of the most shocking tours that result in unbelievable revelations about this metro city. The objective of this tour is to let people know how a significant number of people live in Dharavi slums of Mumbai. Dharavi is just 10 km from Mumbai airport.

Slum tour- learning living conditions of the slum dwellers

To have a unique experience, you can go on a slum tour to Dharavi. You can take the road route and reach the place easily. Either you can opt for Eastern Express Highway or take Lal Bahdur Shastri Road. Dharavi is the largest slum community in Asia which is located in the heart city of Mumbai city. From the Oscar rewarded film Slumdog Millionaire, this place became more popular. About 1 million population of the city dwells in this slum region. When you visit here, you can know about different business activities carried on by the people. These are pottery making, leather tanning, embroidery, baking and so on. In any case, this is a tour of the cottage industries and the semi-developed urban community as well.

The place is quite messy and provides cheap and reasonable options to the people who cannot afford the luxurious accommodations in the main city. For an instance, you might feel weird to take a slum tour, but you will get to know the lifestyle of these slum dwellers. This tour will help you see hardships of life more closely.

The Last Word

If you want your children to learn to count their blessings, you must make them visit the slums of Dharavi so that they can know about poverty and understand life better. To explore the slum area of the city, book a slum tour package at Cleartrip. You can book a package from Cleartrip in advance and even get discounts and other offers.