Bookings via Cleartrip Mobile and via phone (IVR) just got more secure.

What in the world is an OTP and why do I need it?

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. An OTP is a one-time password that you need to complete any credit card transaction over the phone. So, this means you will require an OTP to make a booking through Cleartrip mobile or when you book through your phone via the Cleartrip IVR platform.

How come I didn’t need one before?

You didn't need one before because this new guideline of the Reserve Bank of India that enforces the use of an OTP for credit transactions on the phone, has only come into effect from 1st Feb, 2011. That's good news, because an OTP makes your phone transactions far more secure.

How do I get myself an OTP?

The best way to generate your OTP would be to call your bank's helpline number and follow instructions given to you. However, we've listed out the procedure for a few major banks here, which you could use as a guide

   Bank Procedure Alternate Method Validity
hdfc bank

Send a SMS "PWD1234" to 9717465555 from registered Mobile No. 1234 are the last 4 digits of Credit Card.

Call up the customer Care
and ask for IVR OTP

2 hours


Will be using the same VbyV and MSC code for all IVR transactions.




Please SMS OTP XXXX (Last 4 digits of the Credit Card number) to 52484 or
9880752484 to generate an OTP.


30 min

standard chartered

Visit the website and generate the OTP if you already have VbyV and MSC.


24 hours


Send IOTP and your 16-digit ICICI Bank Credit Card Number to 5676766.

At the time of the IVR transaction,
enter ICICI Bank Card Number,
Expiry Date and CVV Code

24 hours

state bank of india

* Log on to our website- using your user id & password

* SMS ‘OTP <last 4 digits of your SBI Card>’ to 5676791 from your mobile number registered with us

Call our dedicated call centre
line for OTP generation at
1860 180 1291

24 hours

Axis bank

Key in your Credit Card details, expiry date and other details as required on the IVR.
A one-time password will be sent to the mobile number registered with the Bank.



Please call the the bank's helpline number so they can help you generate an OTP


What does ‘validity’ of the OTP mean?

An OTP can only be used for a certain period of time after you generate it. Beyond this point, the password expires and you will have to create a new OTP. The validity of an OTP differs from bank to bank as you can see in the grid above.

When should I generate the OTP?

Ideally, you should generate your OTP just before you make your booking. Remember, that in some cases the validity of the password is as low as 30 minutes and so make sure that you complete your booking using the OTP within its validity period.

Where do I key in the OTP that I generate?

On Cleartrip mobile:

Once you enter your payment details and click on 'Make Payment', you will be taken to a new screen prompting you to enter your OTP. This is where you need to enter the OTP. The screen will look somewhat like this on your mobile phone:


On iPhones, this entire proces works slightly differently. Instead of an OTP, you will be asked to enter your Verified by Visa(VbyV) or Mastercard Secure(MCS) pin, that you normally use for your online transactions. The screen you will see is bank dependent as you can see below:


On Cleartrip IVR platform:

Once you enter your payment details, you will hear the following prompt - "Please enter your one time password". Enter your OTP here.

Do I need to generate an OTP every time I make a booking?

Yes. The OTP as its name suggests can be used only once. So, every time you need to make a transaction, you will have to generate a new OTP.

What about American Express cards?

For Amex cards the process will work slightly differently. On the payment step at Cleartrip, you will be asked to enter you billing address, which will be checked against the billing address your bank has on its records. If the addresses don't match your payment will be rejected. This technology is called AVS - Address Verification System. You can check your credit card statement in case you don't remember your exact billing address.

My card wasn't issued in India, will I still need to enter the One Time Password (OTP)?

The RBI notification concerns cards issued within India only. If your card is issued outside India, your online transactions will go through even without this extra step, unless your card issuer needs your VbyV or MSC code.

Do I need to know anything else?

Not much else to know - it's all fairly simple. However, remember that an OTP for phone transactions is different from your Verified by Visa (VbyV) or Mastercard Secure (MSC) code, which can only be used for online transactions, unless you're on an iPhone.


Please Note: Information given in good faith, and explanations herein are as Cleartrip's interpretation. The above is meant as a basic guide for Cleartrip's customers and
website visitors. We at Cleartrip are not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential liabilities arising out of your decision to use or act on the above or otherwise.