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China Southern Airlines is China's largest airline company that has a very technically sound and advanced fleet of airplanes. The airline is headquartered in Guangzhou. Considered as the World's third largest airline, it had ferried nearly 700 million passengers as on December 2013.

On-Board China Southern Airlines

The carrier's Airbus A380 is considered luxury ride in the clouds. With a fuel efficient air filtration system, passengers breathe with ease and experience no difficulty. The carrier is a quiet comfort and doesn't deafen with roaring high decibel noise. The ambience within an Airbus A380 is comforting. The airline provides a host of video and audio entertainment programs that are an audio visual treat. The other facilities include comfortable seating, natural sunshine through the well designed windows and spacious restrooms. A complete list of all on board amenities can be found here.

The carrier offers traditional Cantonese and Royal cuisine. On board China Southern Airlines, passengers will experience the joy of Chinese culture first hand. The professional tea specialists will serve the famous Chinese tea. Experience the richness and grandeur of Chinese culture and pamper your palate with their cuisine. Indulge in the finery of Chinese etiquette.

Connectivity and Fleet Information

The carrier has the largest fleet of airplanes in China and it connects the third largest country with the rest of the world quite easily. China Southern Airlines is the largest airline in Asia and there are frequent flights connecting Guangzhou to the rest of the World. Guangzhou to Delhi is one of the busiest routes and there are frequent flights connecting the two cities.

Services and baggage allowance

Passengers may avail of the online or virtual check in facility provided by the airline. A simple SMS will do the trick and save time that would otherwise be spent in waiting in a queue. This quick option will cut down on waiting time. Passengers may also verify the status of their flight and chose the seat of their preference using the online check-in facility.

China Southern airline's policy on in-flight hand luggage specifies that passengers in first class, irrespective of whether travelling in a domestic flight within China or an international flight, are allowed up to 2 pieces of hand luggage weighing not more than 5 kg each. Passengers in other classes are permitted only 1 piece of hand luggage not exceeding 5 kgs.

Check in luggage (where US routes are involved) can be up to 50 kgs per piece of luggage in the case of both domestic and international flights. While, those flight where US routes are not involved, check in luggage per piece cannot exceed 32 kgs. The details of which can be found here.

Cleartrip: The perfect guide to all China Southern Airlines Flights

Cleartrip is your off board flight attendant that focuses on bringing all flight details to you. The main aim is to make a passenger's journey easy and obstacle free. It's so much more convenient to plan a travel itinerary with all details at your disposal. Cleartrip makes life easy with the expansive information that it provides.

Smartphone users can download the Cleartrip application from online stores. The app is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Experience the joy of possessing extensive travel knowledge first hand, with Cleartrip.

China Southern Airlines top sectors

The top sectors for China Southern Airlines are Shanghai to Guangzhou , Guangzhou to Shanghai , Shanghai to Shenzhen and Sanya to Guangzhou where it operates 84, 84, 74 and 66 weekly flights respectively. They also have occasional flights from Guangzhou to Denpasar Bali and Shenzhen to Hefei flights. Find more routes here-

Top China Southern Airlines Routes

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